Global Warming

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    The one thing you can do that is sure to have a positive impact in all domains and last for generations is not having any children.

    • Or smother your elderly relatives.PhanLo
    • In what?Fax_Benson
    • i choose pantyhosePeterPancake
    • You think shaving 10 years of pollution by offing an elder is equal to the infinitely exponential benefit of shaving off a branch of the population?soundofreason
    • Or, you know, just have one kid.Nairn
    • And neuter it at birth?soundofreason
    • And that's still an average of 80 years of consumption and waste.
      I'm just basing my logic on Miguex's claim that being vegan is a not good example.
    • I suppose your interpretation of "a positive impact in all domains and last for generation" is fairly unidimensional.Nairn
    • Could please elaborate? I have no idea what you're talking about.soundofreason
    • No one will change a thing, people are just going to keep rolling til it's too late.PhanLo
    • That's the spirit!
      Look at what humans are able to build in Dubai. Humans will be fine (if they can afford it).
    • Your generational fix is to annul the concept of generations, thereby nullifying the capacity for humans to develop or indeed, exist.Nairn
    • I'd say that's fairly singular in its scope.Nairn
    • Thanks, I get it now.
      Again, my solution is based on Miguex's post. I don't expect people to follow it.
      It's not a gen. fix, simply a fix.
    • The most sure way to ensure to not have a negative impact is not having any impact at all. There is a chance that your offspring might solve the issue
    • but that would be rolling the dice. By not having any children you also ensure that their hypothetical won't have any impact, (that's the generational part)
    • In my hypothetical solution I'm not proposing everybody do it. But even if only 50% would do it it would have a enormous lasting impact.
    • Even if everybody stopped having children and brought Homo Sapiens to extinction it would be still a logical solution to Global Warming.
    • Of course, bringing humans to extinction is out of the question as is giving up several modern comforts that we now consider our birth right.
    • *3 > their hypothetical children won't have any impact.

      I cede the floor.
    • You mean you've just ejaculated on the carpet?Nairn
    • I've posted this before, but I reckon this method is the only way to save the planet.…
    • Drink beers, make a headband with your tie and just solve problems by being a legend.PhanLo
    • I'm convinced that we humans are the true parasites.utopian

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