Global Warming

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    It does seem that there's a distinction in most peoples' minds between the fossil fuel emissions / temperature rise issue and the wider issue of pollution in general.

    The hardcore climate deniers can't and won't be won over with data. But the same people get properly narked if their local river is full of chemicals. As a demographic they're naturally inclined to be pro-animal (in a hunting kind of way), outdoor types. Big business fucking up the environment ought to be right up their political funnel.

    These big UN-sponsored dossiers of doom may be designed to shock people into action but they seem to have the opposite effect on lots of people. It all fits too easily in to the liberal / green / conspiracy narrative. Maybe blurring the lines and localising the debate on to dying habitats and plastic chaos (in the news currently in the UK currently) is the way to get people on side.

    • stating the obvious, really.
      Public opinion is the only thing that will drive policy. Make it a vote-winner.
    • CO2 turns critters queer. Oil is Islamic.....Fax_Benson
    • uk has always been docile though - its been our education to sleep.mugwart

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