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  • mugwart1

    We are all pretty pissed off but I'm wondering what anyone here has actually done to help reduce the impact?

    Most people here take the piss out of vegans etc.

    I'm expecting down-votes and "whats one person going to do" or the "its governments responsibilities"

    • I don't drive and I recycle everything I can obsessively. I do my best to avoid contributing, but you're right, not much any one person can "do."monospaced
    • Don't drive, stop eating meat. If everyone did this it would go a huge way towards solving the problem.yuekit
    • I drive one of my 3 vehicles to my job where we produce vinyl and other plastic products for the disposable smartphone industry.imbecile
    • I don't drive, organised my life as locally as possible. try to keep hardware as long as possible. recycle waste. keep my consumption habits in check.uan
    • that said, i recycle so much that there is half a bag of trash or less every week for the garbage manimbecile
    • Sad fact that the "whole recycling thing" is a fraud. Barely nothing is getting recycling, 90% of recyclables are being thrown into landfills.utopian
    • 90% may be high... https://www.nytimes.…imbecile
    • we burn it here, generates (and pollutes) about 76kg C02 / MWh Heat ...population don't know about it, think recycling is clean.uan
    • most of us are so fucking poor that we inadvertently contribute by our simple lifestyles alone... ... if you want any 'real' change it has to happen w/big bizPonyBoy
    • I don't eat meat. Don't use plastic bags. Drink my own piss.set
    • I pontificate on internet forums.Nairn
    • Wait wait wait... hold up... Hold up. Someone just said "drink my own piss"...
    • All us Brits do. Have done for years.
      Why do you think you Yankeedoodles mock our teeth so?
    • https://media.giphy.…pango
    • I mean... What for????!?!? Water shortage?!?!?pango
    • That pic of set... Well, it's not beer he's drinkingsarahfailin
    • Piss is the best tasting thing in this stinking country!mugwart
    • surprised no one mentioned sourcing good food from farmers, avoiding supermarkets, boycotting certain shops/cooperation, never touching anything with palm oil.mugwart
    • https://www.wearefin…pango
    • What's wrong with Palm oil?pango
    • Palm oil production is a rape on the environment.monospaced
    • Nothing's wrong with Palm Oil per se, other than the catastrophic clearing of old forests to sustain increased demand.Nairn
    • Also, Orangutans..…
    • meanwhile druglords going solar:
    • I'm happy with my carbon footprintdocpoz
    • I stomp out the homeless on the reg. Keeps the population down.cannonball1978
    • Like utopian said - recycling is a fraud in most places. Most areas are not equipped to properly separate waste for recycling properly....microkorg
    • ... companies claiming recycling packaging can be a lie too. Coffee cups from outlets for example, it might say recyclable on the (paper) cup, but the inside...microkorg
    • ... is lined with a plastic which in fact means it cannot be recycled with paper.microkorg
    • Only drive my 18 year old year european stupidly small car when the bus drivers are on strike, like now... Eat food from local producers, included meat...OBBTKN
    • Recycle everything, compost organic waste, try not to use plastics and follow a frugal way of life...OBBTKN
    • But it's not a new fashion thing, me, my family and friends lived this way all the time, going vegan now on your 20, 30, 40's is just stupid...OBBTKN
    • What kind of life have they lived until now? Meh!!OBBTKN
    • Pango meet sarcasm. Sarcasm; Pango.set
    • LolHayoth
    • Ya I'm terrible with sarcasm.pango
    • I do my part. I don't drive a car since most of my life (only briefly for 1 year). Live minimalist lifestyle, organic foods, little waste as possible.NBQ00
    • I had a vegan pizza last nght.

      Never again.
    • Fuck sake I'm dating a vegan and needed pizza while drunk at 1am last night. Vegan pizza at 1am is not a thing. Suffice to say, we went hungry.set
    • Yeah, it led to me being way drunker than anticipated. I'd argue it almost made me less full than if I'd just drank more booze.Nairn
    • ugh... I tried the vegan cheese option on our pizza the other night w/the wife... never fucking again indeedPonyBoy
    • I've not flown for 10+ yearsRanger
    • Oh and not had kidsRanger
    • vegan cheese is amazing if you get the good stuff... dire if not. Taste of fucking oil.mugwart
    • Sorry, no. I know someone who handcrafts very well respected stuff and it's still piss-poor compared to real cheese - even crappy American-style 'mozzarella'Nairn
    • Whoever cracks the solution to synthetic/ man-made/ brewed/ vat-grown/ whatever cheese and eggs will make gajillions. We're nowhere near there yet.Nairn
    • (I'm responding to your use of 'amazing' in this context, btw. I really wish there were simply even 'adequate' options).Nairn
    • Also, I'm really not sure that oil imports from massive palm and coconut plantations are any better than grass-fed local UK dairy, in environmental terms.Nairn
    • The value of animal shit on fields is vastly under-appreciated. One of the reasons Africa's in dire straits is because Whitey killed off so many elephants...Nairn
    • Yep. Dairy free milk and ice cream alternatives are genuinely better than cow stuff now imo, but cheese isn't anywhere near there yetset
    • seriously check this brand out: https://www.planetor…
      They follow the conventional method just with cashew milk.
    • your right about animals needed to shit on fields and about the oils. Vegans need to check the contents as much as everyone elsemugwart

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