Global Warming

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  • yuekit4…

    This UN report is terrifying. I hope everyone reads this.

    The amazing thing is with this unprecedented emergency we are facing, Americans chose this moment to elect a reality TV star who not only is not taking action, he treats the whole thing as a joke and says it's a hoax created by China.

    Meanwhile Brazil is set to elect another right-wing asshole who wants to dramatically accelerate deforestation of the of the few things holding back climate change.

    Sometimes I think humanity deserves to die in a giant, shitty Michael Bay-directed disaster movie action sequence.

    • For Americans, that’s the same as a $240 per gallon tax on gasoline in the year 2100, should such a recommendation be adopted. In 2030, which is only 12 years adeathboy
    • years away, the report says that the carbon tax would need to be as high as $5,500, and the equivalent to a $49 per gallon gas tax, reported The Daily Caller.deathboy
    • I have no idea of how they got the numbers but it wouldn't strike me as true. The same with a UN report thinking they can stop climate change and make itdeathboy
    • behave like a child strangled by economic control. Im neither for UN or future Brazil dictators as saviors. Let what work works. No kingsdeathboy
    • Remove the EV credit so price is reality and tax EV that use roads but pay no road tax through the pump. Eco people like to pay fair share right?deathboy
    • yuekit you can not deny the carbon eco tax system will hurt the poor and middle class the most. why wouldnt the richest want rules to protect themdeathboy
    • that effect them with less effect. this is where free market value and virtue balances and should force the rich to look out for their futuredeathboy
    • but they spend a few bucks on lobbyists and they turn the porn and ignorant into there pawns supporting causes they know nothing about for themdeathboy
    • thats my 2 centsdeathboy
    • wow howd poor turn to poor.... maybe subconcious accident thinking how many unemployed turning to cam modelsdeathboy
    • Hey Deathboy - you know you can respond with a new post?Nairn
    • Deathboy was that a response or a spoken word poetry slam?yuekit
    • And the oceans are full of micro plastic particles beside all the chunks of plastic.shapesalad
    • read about this in the times. really heavy and super important.sarahfailin
    • These global catastrophes are gonna happen continuously and more frequently. Nothing to do with climate, it has been written.robthelad
    • As ritteth in the odd destestement of the Horry Bibble?Nairn
    • lol @ citing the Daily Caller for credibility. Fuck Tucker Carlson, the ghost of his bow tie, and anything he touches.garbage
    • naim i really dont like to bump threads too much with posts. a little too look at me and really i dont care for any flag to look at what i type.deathboy
    • @garbage lol on the source. I also laugh at CBO reports and most reports on the "future". They largely reflect their bias. But without a doubt the UN measuredeathboy
    • will drastically increase the cost of energy. Directly effecting the poor and middle class most which will empower more socialist methods of control. if it wasdeathboy
    • cheaper and a better solution for all, why would we need to force it if not true. just being played like pawnsdeathboy

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