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  • PhanLo6

    Day 10. Flowing.
    Went with flowing pipe work for some reason.

    • That's awesome. What do you use for the colours? The red and turquoise are really nice.Wolfboy
    • Cheers! I used a Pentel Brushpen for the red/black and the rest of the colours are Copics.PhanLo
    • Soooooo good Phansee_thru
    • I dig it. Never really liked the Brush pen, but I think that's due to my tendency for fast movements, so my results were always streaky. You do great work..garbage
    • ..with it. You're killing it lately, keep it up!garbage
    • @garbage I rarely use a brush pen, but have got back into it this month. Mostly prefer gel pens and Uniball pens for speed.PhanLo
    • Same. I'm in a rut of minimal scribbly shit, perhaps a brush might be a good change of pace.garbage

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