Global Warming

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    Two motes of interest in this sphere, the first either inspires optimism or shear existential dread, the second lays to rest an idle fantasy I've entertained for years and puts into context our global CO2 emissions - ie. they are obscenely huge. I mean, I've been interested in science and climate change for decades now, and I still had little idea just how much shit we pump into the atmosphere each year.

    • The first I thought up until recently was merely dreadful - the sheer weight of Petroleum to replace.. but then look at all that wasted energy.Nairn
    • points to massive efficiencies that could be gleaned by moving over to electricty for transport, etc. Planes are tricky though.Nairn
    • *renewable electricty grid, even (teh nuculears included)Nairn
    • inter-continental long-haul is going to be hard to replace but short domestic flights should really become unnecessary - if many aren't alreadyFax_Benson

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