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    These phone cameras are getting insane. Makes you really wonder what the fuck is the point of DSLR's now. Mine is about 15 yrs old and my GF was asking if I wanted a new one for christmas. No.

    I think I'll just get an iPhoneX instead! DSLRs are so bloody big and exspensive. Add a couple of lenses and you have to carry a rucksack everywhere. Hmmmph.

    • It always looks very stunning in Apple's PR shots like the ones from yesterday. But what's the real world quality?NBQ00
    • my brother's iPhone X shoots photos that are very significantly better than my iPhone 8 ... super impressivemonospaced
    • fujifilm x10 still takes a pretty more photo photo than the iPhone photo.shapesalad
    • DSLR's are still cheaper than most phones!mugwart
    • its about lens and the camera control. phones cant have that so they are just a bit of plastic covering up a sensor.mugwart
    • That's true if you don't mind all your photos having that wide angle look. I find phones are pretty bland for landscape shots.zarkonite
    • I reckon smartphones made the little point and shoot cameras redundant. But does convenience and more pixels =¬†better photography?MrT
    • What MrT said.microkorg
    • Yeah phones only replaced the point and shoot I always carried in my bag.sea_sea
    • In the market for a mirrorless for real, this weekend.notype

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