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    My brother (44) and I had a sort of tumultuous relationship growing up, he just got married. As his best man, I gave a speech in front of more people than I ever thought I could. I gazed around the audience, not just focusing on a couple people, or one... but everyone. I let my eyes wander and really see faces as I spoke.

    The first time I read a passage or gave a speech I was riddled with absolute dread and fear, was even made to sit down (forcefully, by a teacher, in H.S., Ms Connor)

    The MC called me up,

    To my surprise.
    I did not write a speech, which was risky! I made the audience laugh, made the bride and groom blush (hehheh). Told a short story about their impact and wished them all of the good things their new journey holds for them.

    Life has proven to be interesting in these past 3-4 months, as I've made some major changes in my life. Yet the days leading up to his wedding I was really not feeling it. Not feeling like being around at all, much less around ppl who I hadn't seen in decades. But the impact it has had on me was totally unexpected. Estranged family I hadn't seen in over 25yrs, my mid-70's year old dad reuniting with the sibling he'd had the most horrid rivalry with over the years, who was not doing well... to see his compassion towards him was incredible.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all. Not going into each detail here, but man if I can do this - if there's anyone struggling with something here keep moving forward, you'll be provided with what you need to get through. Feels like some cells that I didn't even know were broken were healed through this experience.

    All this aside, I kinda' liked public speaking... might explore this more as something to hone and add on to my craft.

    • I keep thinking about the power of words and how we can shape thinking with them. I hope to ever use this craft wisely.notype
    • nice man! must have felt good to connect like that with your brother and family and everyone else around.capn_ron
    • Good read! Thanks for sharing this.maquito
    • :)PonyBoy
    • funny i just went to a wedding as well. i was one of the groomsmen. Altho we have very different kind of photo.…pango
    • Damn, takes balls to not prep a speech beforehand. well done.Gnash
    • Plot twist, you were completely wasted and video evidences from the speech show a very different outcome.dyspl
    • jk:) and yes it takes balls to go without a written speech.dyspl
    • Nice post man...good for you!stoplying
    • good for you! Overcoming fear is overpowering.Hayoth
    • dyspl, nah :) hadn’t had a drink in 4mos, today.notype
    • great photo as well :) definitely looks like a fun bunch of guys :) really happy for you dude...exador1
    • I love this.Melanie
    • Qbn at its finest_niko
    • gimme just a portion of this, pls...SimonFFM
    • Thanks for your encouragement friends - overwhelmed. It means a lot.notype

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