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  • oey32

    Moderators clearly have double standards...or don't mind having their Moms fucked by docpoz.

    Not advocating docpoz to be expelled, I find it partially funny and luckily nobody is taking him/her seriously.

    But many rants and trolling and so many Moms fucked...and nothing.

    We're back to old QBN times, thanks Trump!


    carry on doc...

    • You went all Serena on us oey...robotron3k
    • this post gave me your momsarahfailin
    • mods here can go fuck themselvesimbecile
    • Hahahahadocpoz
    • Clearly their moms don't mind.docpoz
    • ahahahasted
    • LOLoey
    • Lol, this is crazy. I’m maquito’s mom BTW. Hi!maquito
    • hi. it's been a while... did you get my gift card?docpoz
    • Hahahamaquito
    • I'm starting to suspect docpoz is not a real doctor.youngdesigner
    • LOL!oey
    • If mods start banning people for swearing and telling people to go fuck their mums, then qbn will be no more. Whats the point! Go fuck yourselves, one and all..set
    • "Not advocating docpoz to be expelled"oey
    • I wrote this cause other trolls have been banned and sometimes I found it too harsh. I'm questioning the standards.oey
    • and actually I think it's fine if docpoz is fucking your Moms.oey
    • Don't ask me for pics. I'm not like that.docpoz

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