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    • I wonder if she fell on her head and died if he'd be done for murder. Or GBH if just injured. Hmmm.Hayzilla
    • she's blocking military personnel in an active setting. if only there were a rope or barrier for her to know she shouldn't be where she is.imbecile
    • the osldier was nice enought to just push her the first time and go around her for the second timefeel
    • da mean fuzzy hat mwahn pushed the ladycannonball1978
    • That’s military personnel?!?! I thought it was just some security guard in period era costume like a tourist attraction.monospaced
    • https://en.wikipedia…
    • watching the loop for more than 10 times already. the way she moves is hillarious...SimonFFM
    • brainwashedpablo28
    • helmetpablo28
    • I don’t think it was necessary to shove the lady. I think he did that cause it’s purely tradition; no saving the queen with that shove, just keeping traditions.maquito
    • he could be more creative.
      or that's the protocol?
    • as far as i understood it's protocoloey
    • lol at necessary, gtfo with that shit. it wasn't necessary for her to intentionally get in the wayimbecile
    • Rule #1 - Don't fuck with the Queens Guards. They are more than allowed to push you out the way, blast your head off or impale you on their bayonet!microkorg
    • Rabbit holed myself with enough vids of queens' guards to know they are not to be trifled withfuturefood

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