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  • haga15

    I might as well post this here instead of making a new topic. I'm making short, under a minute animations, just for the fun of it and I'm looking for some new tracks. If anyone's interested let me know.

    • Wow, really like these :-)Ianbolton
    • Thanks! Yea, it's my commute project. I spend two hours on a train everyday so I'm killing time by making stuff like this.haga
    • Lovely...probably a daft question but what are you creating them in?dee-dubs
    • Thank you! Haha, it's AE and Trapcode. Trapcode Form for the first and third and TAO for the one in the middle.haga
    • super niceGnash
    • Man thats some nice stuff Red Giant does! the trapcode suite is cool, so is the Universe suite. Making me want to get this for some experimental fun ...microkorg
    • ... and interesting excuse to learn AE.microkorg
    • Do you do video as job or are you just delving into this and learning yourself as you go? is it difficult?microkorg
    • Gnash, thanks!haga
    • microkorg, yes, I do motion work for a living. I wouldn't exactly say it's difficult, but it takes some time figuring things out.haga
    • Trapcode have some ok presents, so you can always use that as a start and then take it from there.haga
    • @haga awesome work! love the visuals and they go perfectly with the music. thanks for sharing!Krassy
    • lovelyutopian
    • holy hell to your portfolio, damn i wanna get it on that road, great stuff man!helloeatbreathedrive
    • helloeatbreathedrive... Krassy, utopian thanks I really appreciate it! Yea, Babe Elliott Bakers music fits damn well with my visuals. Good guy!haga
    • Wow would love to collab with you on this - how would you like beats sent? i have some interesting ones!mantrakid
    • Amazing work!mantrakid
    • mantrakid, nice! email me at cubadust/ gmail.haga
    • Damn... That is fantastic stuff! This reminds me of some of the live music visuals my friend Anthony has done:…mg33
    • He's done stuff for Deafheaven, Shigeto, Com Truise, others.mg33
    • Awesome mg33, thanks for charing!haga
    • Great work! I figured this was CInema 4d and X-Particles but Red Giant has served you well. I love the audio too? Did you do the sound effects too?CyBrainX
    • CyBrainX, not sure I want to go down the 3d rabbit hole again. I've stayed away for ten years now...haga
    • And Babe Elliott Baker did the sound. Not sure he would call himself a sound designer though, but I love what he does.haga
    • The sound in Orbital is actual space recordings we found and the he made a "music" track out of it.haga
    • niceeprophetone
    • These are sick! Thanks for sharingfuturefood
    • prophetone, futurefood, thanks!haga

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