Early 2000's Art

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  • haga10

    Some stuff from circa 2002. I had this thing for naming everything with something Final Fantasy related.

    • Dude, you're cubadust?! I don't know how I found your stuff back in the day, but somehow I did and it was definitely inspirational to me. Nice work.nocomply
    • Thanks!haga
    • Booooringdocpoz
    • Oh that's your work? Sorry.
      ITunes visualizer killed my excitement for this aesthetic
    • Haha, no worries. This was before iTunes though. Winamp skins maybe.haga
    • blue one is superdopeā„¢docpoz
    • I actually remember seeing these back then :)yuekit
    • +utopian
    • These are ace.MrT
    • MrT, yea, I still kind of like them. And pretty representative for what early 00-art is for me.haga
    • I remember this being the coolest style ever back then. Still love it.kreydle
    • this makes me feel weird and nostalgic.inteliboy

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