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  • Maaku5

    Just overheard the manager of a Dev team say he didn't care how the UI looked like.

    It's glad to see how they value my skills and craft in this company. Time to search for a new job, I'm done.

    • I'm glad*Maaku
    • you're not done; THEY're done! ;-)Krassy
    • it could be just frustration on his part. Could be just having a bad day. Could be just pissed that his developer couldn't figure something out...exador1
    • I've been there, and before you get pissed and quit, take the time to chat with that manager. let him know what you're feeling/thinking.exador1
    • you never really know... he could just have been in a pissy mood or something...exador1
    • let him know YOU care..the company cares, the customers care, and the rest of the management cares... ask how you can help. ask how you can make his life easierexador1
    • you could turn a potential adversary into a potential ally, with the right phrasing, and the right approach.exador1
    • the UX is JUST as important as the code the runs the whole app. YOU know why...explain it to him, and offer to help him out...exador1
    • Do you have any context as to why he doesn't 'care'? Perhaps your UI won't work / doesn't expand well or maybe he's dealing w/some technical backend shit...PonyBoy
    • ... that hasn't a thing to do w/your UI and therefore he could give 2 fucks about it (at the moment). 'Overhearing' is far different than being a part of...PonyBoy
    • ... the actual conversation. I want CONTEXT, DAMNIT!!! :)
      BTW... Don't be a quitter (or a whiner)... its' unbecoming. <3
    • I thought it was a good thing, creative freedomdrgs
    • freedom, my thought also. put some set faces in the next releaseuan
    • I've talked to 3 managers severals time about my role and eagerness to help. But I have also heard bad things about management that now make sense.Maaku
    • It seems the next 2 persons under the CTO have a monopoly on how things are done.Maaku
    • Managers are the only ones that get bonuses at the end of the year based on performance. It only makes sense to say yes to everything business asks for.Maaku
    • On the other side, Business doesn't care how things are done as long as you make it happen.Maaku
    • You need to take risks to lay the ground for bonuses.sted
    • change all the ui to look like windows 95. fugly.shapesalad
    • ^ stay late one night to implement the update to all the dev/source/deployed files. then leave your resignation letter on managers desk.shapesalad
    • ^ hahahaMaaku

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