Russia World Cup 2018

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  • Krassy2

    Mbappe pass that could (should) have resulted in a goal was INSANE!

    • sorry but it's not really that insane, is it... Most kids in the playground can do that shit.set
    • ah, ok. LOLKrassy
    • That was indeed spectacular. True that kids and freestylers do great tricks in the playground but to do something like that in a WC SF was fantastic to see.Hayzilla
    • Plus, I've not seen that move before on a pitch and I've watch A LOT of football over the last 20yrs.Hayzilla
    • ^ touchéKrassy
    • @Hayzilla said it better than exactly what I wanted to say to set. Thank you.Krassy
    • You've not seen that move before on the pitch? lol wtf. I reckon Ronaldinho's done that in every game he's played inset
    • It was nice, sure, but pretty basic stuff let's be honest.set
    • Football is becoming more like ballet everyday with the little feet flourishes.shapesalad
    • Fuck the pass. Can we address the AWFUL music accompanying this video? Christ almighty.stoplying
    • @stoplying I've had it on mute. LOL. Now I know to keep it that way. Tnx for the heads upKrassy
    • @stoplying Yes. Truly disgusting video. You can't even see the skill its been made for until the last 2secs LOL.Hayzilla

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