Russia World Cup 2018

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  • Hayzilla3

    Would you not say England deserve it more than Croatia?
    I get that the world hates our country although not really sure why.

    Look at the 44 players in the Semi Finals.
    32 of them play in England.

    Football deserves to come home!!

    • The team deserve it, none of them seem like the overpaid fannies they had in the past.PhanLo
    • why would you say the world hates England?Krassy
    • ^ Because they really do mate. You are obviously not English. Even other British countries hate the English.Hayzilla
    • ^ Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.Morning_star
    • ^ "although not really sure why"kingsteven
    • I grew up self-conscious of being a Brit abroad - all I ever saw were our failings. the older I got, the more I realised every other cuntry's just as bad.detritus
    • The Spanish and Italians auto-ghettoise overseas, as the Brits do - the French and Dutch have chavs worse than ours, The Germans.. well, we're twins.detritus
    • We shoudl all gang up on those bloody pristince Scandi cunts. Fucking perfect fuckers that they are. Except the Danes, they're like us too, except flatter.detritus
    • @Hayzilla I'm from the US and I've never picked up on a ant-England sentiment :-)Krassy
    • That's because everyone hates the US even more than they do Englandset
    • @set is that what the newspapers tell you?Krassy
    • Wow, what’s with the self loathing? Everyone loves the brits, take em over the yanks any day lol. But seriously from the music to the films to the comedy your.._niko
    • Brand is strong. Great multicultural society, forward thinking and modern. So you’ve got a few retards, chavs etc, who doesn’t lol_niko
    • We all love you, Hayzilla! Don't be sad. Football's coming home.SimonFFM
    • England is great but it's in our DNA to be self loathing. And Krassy, I don't follow the news sunbream. If you're unaware of the general feeling...set
    • ...toward the USA outside of the USA, I suggest you get out of the USA once in a while..set
    • I mean I don't want to argue but to get defensive about people not liking America is pretty ridiculous.set
    • @set I'm currently living in France for the summer, I travel outside the US on a regular basis. People are people around the world, dude.Krassy
    • +1 hayzillafadein11
    • And +1 setfadein11
    • 1st you deserve nothing. 2nd really easy qualifying. 3rd deliberately lost to Belgium. 4th "Football is coming home" chat is arrogance personified :)mrAtor
    • re: deliberately losing to Belgium - is that not just strategy though? I don't see anything wrong with that. /PseudoScot here.detritus
    • ..better than fucking diving, whatever.detritus
    • Belgium were trying to lose too, lol.
      We're obviously better at it.
    • I see, losing on purpose is "tactics" and diving is cheating, that makes sense.mrAtor
    • No, diving is tactics, losing on purpose is strategy.detritus
    • Good day to you, kind Sir!set
    • As a Liverpool fan, I'm happy to see Hendo get some fucking recognition for his hustle. I'm pulling for the Brits, but I don't hate Croatia mind you.stoplying
    • lol, "losing on purpose is strategy" pmsl :) enjoy the game, Dolazi kućimrAtor
    • Look he's still trying to get a bite, bless himset
    • Wait, would you like to bite my rubber chicken…mrAtor
    • you cute little whiny baby. take your loss in stride and return home to your mothers nippledocpoz
    • Come on lads it's just bantz, love my Morris Dancing cousins really xxmrAtor
    • Oh, now you've done it - I was just being all autistobloke and delineating actualities, but now you've invoked that Godawful 'Bants'.
      By Jove I hate that word.
    • Soz brah, cos iz wel gel for realz :)mrAtor
    • Made yourself look like a reet tit intchaset
    • Why would anyone be sour of England? Brexit is great!instrmntl
    • In all honestly I'm pretty gutted about the loss. So close.instrmntl
    • To be clear, thinking England isn't good enough to be in the final doesn't mean you hate England. Don't take it personal.sofakingback
    • Ah naw, you fucked it. As they say in my neck of the woods, "England did a Hibs" :) Your team will peak in 2/4 years, Euros is the cup you will winmrAtor
    • hah, or the glorious double disappointment when they go to the euros talking about doing better. expectations of england fans/ press is unlike anywhere else.kingsteven
    • Why disappointed? Top 4 in the world is nothing to be sad about, be proud of the lads._niko
    • heh, no it's a great team and they did very well, but i'm not english and they really talk up a victory (hence relevance to OP) a team performing that well willkingsteven
    • only give them unrealistic expectations in 2 years. the odds of reaching a final in international football are so slim but unlike anywhere else they think theykingsteven
    • deserve it... great team, and fantastic performance... but so is every other team at that level, 'deserving' anything doesn't count for shit.kingsteven
    • didn't comment on this post at the time because it's such BS but i'd mentioned before about how much the nationalistic psychosis of England is generally wherekingsteven
    • the hatred stems from rather than 'hating the english'... i've watched the entire world cup with english mates, it's very easy for them to see what the issue iskingsteven
    • when watching a game in belfast, there's no hatred whatsoever... other than the natural reaction when having to listen to the english nationalistic commentary.kingsteven
    • again, great team and most folks here support teams in english leagues so massive cross over. i'm sure as is evident in the comments most english folkskingsteven
    • understand how fragile their national identity is. i'd like to think they'd understand that we're only embarrassed for them that they've chosen clive tyldesleykingsteven
    • and Lawrenson as their ambassadors for british (england, scotland, wales, northern ireland) broadcasting.kingsteven

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