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  • mugwart12

    Just picked up the ring ... everything became terrifying!

    • Congrats! Go gettem. You got this.capn_ron
    • If you're in London look out for moped muggers!shapesalad
    • ^^ thanks all. We are going on holiday some point in August. thinking of doing the deed then.mugwart
    • don't be scared ... you want this, she wants this, it's all goodmonospaced
    • Omg!! Panic! Panic! Panic!!pango
    • Run, Run you fool!Turboslacker
    • I did this about 20 years ago.... you'll be fine :) it's a huge step, but sooooo worthwhile :)exador1
    • I did this 12 years ago. You'll be fine if you don't marry an evil bitch and get divorced. It could cost you $40k or more depending on many things.CyBrainX
    • That's WITHOUT kids. Just live together the only difference it that you're giving the state legal permission to arbitrate your life savings when you divorce.CyBrainX
    • This is a fact. Not cynacism.CyBrainX
    • CyBrainX: not if she's richer than him!zarkonite
    • 1) shell be richer than me! She's a genius and wants me to stay home and finish my books!! 2) 12 years ago I did meet an evil bitch and we did have a kid ..mugwart
    • There's still time to stop this.DRIFTMONKEY
    • stop scaring him!!pango
    • throw it in the volcano in mordor!sarahfailin
    • plot twist- the ring is for himself! Yes to self love, no fear of being alone, buy a ring for yourself and tell yourself "you're good looking and looking good"shapesalad
    • Hope to be there in a couple years, you've got this bra'notype
    • Did you give her a timeline of when you would finish the books?HijoDMaite
    • Prenup!!!
      You're welcome
    • thanks all. @hijo - no I didnt!
      @shape - saving up, after the tattoos.…
    • btw, if you got a platinum engagement ring you have to get a platinum wedding band due it's reaction against other metal, no one told me, expensive lessonmrAtor
    • Congratulations! He's a lucky guy! A lot of people have been saying you're a gold digger for marrying a 72 year old millionaire but whatever makes you happy :Pmicrokorg
    • ^ hey after most my life struggling with poverty what's wrong with a little erection dysfunction!mugwart
    • maybe you find calles. is he still on heoneymoon? damn!oey

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