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    my girlfriend had an epileptic seizure... damn that shit is scary

    • sorry to hear mate. my uncle used to have them a few times a feel kind of helpless when they happen.BusterBoy
    • utterly helpless. Staying in a country where I only speak the basics of the language contributed to my panic.d_gitale
    • Hope she's ok. One of my friends had one in class, and it was like she was possessed. We had to keep her from gnawing off her tongue.garbage
    • A few months ago I was at the store, turned a corner and there was a guy foaming on the floor, and an older Vietnamese man just standing there waiting for the..garbage
    • ..whole episode to end, like it was some sort of everyday thing with his son. There was a language gap, but it was weird as fuck because he refused all help..garbage
    • ..and really just seemed annoyed that his son was having seizure fits in public again. It was fucked.garbage
    • yes I read about it. the seizure itself is completely harmless. but the threat of injury due to falling can be very dangerous.d_gitale
    • she hit her head and had a big bump as a result. but no bleeding. we did an CT, just to be sure. she is ok now.d_gitale
    • Must have been terrifying, glad she's ok.garbage
    • Haven't seen people seizures here. Mostly just OD... :(pango
    • :/ jeeze
      can she do anything about it?
      was it her first?
    • not the first time. but first time for me to witness. she takes medication, but forgot it last week :/d_gitale
    • I’ve dated ppl who have seizures they give me the 411 on what to do if X scenario happens, who to call etc. hope you guys have a longer convo about it. ♥️notype

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