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  • shapesalad13

    Sometimes I really want to quit this life of screens.
    Phone screen
    Computer screen.
    All day.

    Life is increasingly becoming only possible by putting your face in front of a screen.

    Social life.
    Wanking (well not for me as I don't look at porn, but it rhymed with banking and fits the argument).

    It's all conducted in front of a screen.

    I'm developing a desire to quit it all. I'm starting to dream of a new life, as a gardener at a Confucian temple somewhere in remote Taiwan. No screens. Just face in front of nature, quietly and slowly moving in sync with the pace of nature.

    • #whoismetoosoundofreason
    • Fucked up my own joke.
      It was supposed to be:
    • try this, have "analogic" friends and keep the screens away after work-hoursOBBTKN
    • Buy a sketchpad and some pencils. Take up calligraphy. Buy some glue pens and glitter and get crafty. Go to the park. Go out for a walk/run/cycle/skate...microkorg
    • I just spent some time on a Greek island and didn't take my phone. Barely looked at a screen other than in the airports the whole time. Was heavenset
    • Very, very hard to disconnect like that in every day life though, sadly.set
    • I wrote a script which blocks internet from 1200 to 2100 + degrades my account to standard user, so I can't change anything. A life saverdrgs
    • Yeah, I writing this from my phone, btwdrgs
    • I've been on a soapbar Nokia phone for about a month now and other than being unable to check emails on the hoof, don't miss it one bit.detritus
    • "don't miss my smartphone", even.detritus
    • this post reminds me, I'm really looking forward to commercial fishing for a month in Alaska next week, yeah its good to disconnect.moldero
    • what island, set?Gnash
    • Mykonos.detritus
    • my innerself has been calling for this. I took up calligraphy and drawing and desperatel want to start writing and making clothes but my next venture is digitalmugwart
    • but I'm also finding it so tough to stay focused. So sick of it.mugwart
    • But, but, QBN 24/7 is the meaning of life!Krassy
    • Nah fuck mykonos it's beautiful but like Disney land. Fake, pretentious, full of twats, locals are jaded and unfriendly because of said twats.set
    • We flew to mykonos but got the ferry over to Naxos, which is beautiful. Very green, friendly people, superb food, not so many tourists.set
    • My parents drove there in a camper van when I was a month old and we left when I was 3. Don't remember much though :)set
    • Wanted to go a check the place out. I've been all over Greece but never there. Highly reccomend it!set
    • I've spent many lazy days in Naxos. Nice island, for sure.Gnash
    • I want to go to Lanyu again.shapesalad
    • So i finally got around to fixing my phone - new screen and battery and.. it was two months since I last used it.detritus
    • I gotta say, I let out a little yelp of excitement at my techfixing skills. First time the screen's not been hella cracked in 3½ years - looks BEAUTIFUL!detritus
    • Mykonos was a joke - all I know about it is it's apparently where Europe's gay men go to frolic.detritus
    • Well I do live in Brighton. But yes, funnily I was in mykonos for a day at least.set

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