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  • shellie2

    Has anyone here converted from long time mac user to PC? Tell me more... (besides maybe price) why?

    • long time PC user here... I have always wondered, why not?OBBTKN
    • GPU. PCs have always been better at render intensive tasks.…imbecile
    • easier to repair. I also like the DIY approach.pango
    • only reason to stick with Mac would be if you used mac only software like Sketch.microkorg
    • 15 years on a mac to pc just a few months back, what i like and miss about PC was the ability to hack it to run exactly as you want it tomoldero
    • I remember when i first switched to mac from building gaming pc's was liking macs OS stability, but sacrificing the ability to hack the shit out of itmoldero
    • now, windows is solid, and for the price you get x2 the speed at minimummoldero
    • no more macs for memoldero
    • I did so last year... power and price. I can upgrade just the graphics card if need be - or put 2 in there. Hate the Win tho.. just a reflex thing...RumperChunk
    • have to just get used to those shortcuts... as long as you turn off all the shit that comes pre installed you'll be fine. Productivity has increased..RumperChunk
    • Render times are fast. HTC vive is smooth... video editing and AE are nice and quick. Plus I can upgrade the monitors anytime..RumperChunk
    • All in all a positive move... Just hate those explorer windows tho...RumperChunk
    • linux by choice. Love it (once you get used to it). Windows only for Unreal development.mugwart
    • Macbook for web development/and everyday bs, Windows for my gaming and Unreal DevelopmentBabySnakes
    • This was immensely helpful thanks guys.shellie

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