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  • pango6

    Full circle.

    • true story. portman was at local restaurant near my place. my friend didn't who who she was and was trying to hit on her and get her number.pango
    • loved that movieGnash
    • WHo dont know who Nathalie Portman is?Bennn
    • My friend. A hippie who doesn't watch tv or movie.pango
    • she was great in 'closer'.SimonFFM
    • Ha, My sister is her doppelgangerDillinger
    • My friend tried to hit on Linda Hamilton years ago she told him to fuck off.Dillinger
    • Portman was nicer. She just thought he wants an autograph.pango
    • ^^ brave man for trying to hit on Linda.mugwart
    • By all accounts she's really nice. Fucking loved Leon until I saw the Director's cut. Put me a bit off it.mugwart
    • One of my mates slept with Siouxsie Sioux
      back early 90's, we were only 19
      he met her after a gig in Camden Town
    • Natalie Portman is my girlfrienddrgs
    • I'm Natalie Portmanrobthelad
    • I shouldn't have googled Siouxsie Sioux lolhelloeatbreathedrive
    • @dillinger. damn, fun times. pics?Gnash
    • lol no pics back then mate
      siouxie was bit better looking in 90's
      but my mate would fk anything
    • hahaGnash

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