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  • Maaku4

    If anyone asks how the QBN community is, point them out to the pockets & shesamonster post.

    1 post and 213 notes of pure internet (drama, quick escalation, people taking sides, trolls, jokes, more drama, people that actually know each other, but people from all over the globe, more drama, and soon to be made memes).

    It was fun, sad and awkward to read y'all comments.

    • a lot of people were genuinely caring, supportive, concerned and helpful toomonospaced
    • ^ I know, qbn is always helpingMaaku
    • I've met pockets irl, so awkward.shellie
    • ^ lol,.... (Assume that was joke)dee-dubs
    • Meh. Reality is we've seen worse threads on here.sea_sea
    • What i don't get is everyone feeling the need to get involved. You saw that it was a personal issue with them. So just stay out of it. Is that how you are IRL?BabySnakes
    • Because they shared it with hundreds of people and didn’t stop for the entire night.monospaced
    • pockets opted out and has been quite ever since his post. she decided to stay and make it public. *shrugsea_sea
    • I was trying to get everyone not involved. But I should have know better.pango
    • This is all your fault, pango. As usual.soundofreason
    • https://memegenerato…pango
    • irl? Just when i'm at the coffee shop or the subway where people like to be loud about their personal shit.Maaku
    • But no, I don't get involved, I just listen.Maaku
    • I walk away irl. But this place I visit to often.pango
    • He & I are both at fault. I haven't made things any better, but seeing him of all people in my life post about my depression stung.shesamonster
    • I hope you both are able to make peace with each other.Maaku
    • Won't happen. He's holding my website hostage after destroying it. Won't give me access at all. No peace I guess.shesamonster
    • try come back with another name. also try not to mention anything related to pocket for a while. see if that helps the website to come back up.pango
    • I feel for you monster, stay on qbn. You're wierd an so welcomed here. Like pango said, change your name and don't mention pockets anymore.robotron3k
    • stop agreeing with me robo!pango

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