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  • drgs8

    • one word: flexboxhotroddy
    • Who says? eh eh eh?!robthelad
    • hehe. but using which method?fadein11
    • But which framework should I use?detritus
    • http://howtocenterin…drgs
    • Pfft.
      Tables are where it's at.
    • two words: CSS Gridshapesalad
    • "One word: Flexbox".detritus
    • Achievement UnlockedBennn
    • align-items: center;shapesalad
    • https://css-tricks.c…shapesalad
    • HTML, CSS, and the entire DOM needs scrapped and re-wrote. shit feels like a hack job 100% of the time. Even with Flex and Grid.section_014
    • There are still issues for sure but its a lot better thanks to Zeldman and allfadein11
    • zeldman is indeed the man. got to meet him once years ago in Miami ... such a nice dude.exador1
    • Bang it in a table...see_thru
    • what is this scorcery?ok_not_ok
    • I don't get it.monospaced
    • *unless your webdesign carreer was made in Flash™feel
    • @mono vertically centering content in a div (what it should have said) is way more convoluted than it should befadein11
    • fine when you know how but not that obvious as a beginner :)fadein11
    • margin: autojhey
    • </words to live by>utopian
    • Jhey, if only it was that simple. Works horizontal, not vertical. Zzzz, im boring myself here hafadein11
    • oh, this only applies to web coders ... no wonder it wouldn't make sense to most peoplemonospaced
    • I'd hate my life if my job involved "centering a div" at any pointmonospaced
    • no thanks.notype
    • lol on which browser? is display: table-cell faking it?Squiddy
    • What a twattish thing to say on a site with a load of web coders on, mono.detritus
    • +1 detfadein11
    • Hahahaha. Sorry that sucks.monospaced
    • As a graphic designer on a graphic design site it’s totally okay for me to say this. I’ve avoided coding for a reason, and glad I don’t know what this is.monospaced
    • Gabor here didn’t even specify design or websites at all. It’s not like all adults should do this or anything. Jeez. I just have hit a nerve with the coders.monospaced
    • But look. I understand if someone actually enjoys coding sites. Fine with me. Sorry if I offended. It’s just my feelings and I’m glad I can focus on pure visualmonospaced
    • I’m grateful that amazing web guys exist to take graphic design and make it work on the web. I love my web coders! It’s just not my thing :)monospaced

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