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  • freedom0

    I don't see where S2 is going. I liked Dr. Ford and the two Williams in S1 but I find it hard to care about Ed Harris and whatever he is still looking for.

    I don't know what Evan Rachel Wood and all the other robots are trying to do. It's taking too long and I'm still not convinced they are thinking for themselves.

    They teased us with Samurai World but now there is a tiger jungle park too?

    All this land and robotics and there appears to be 10 guests total. Even if they are trying to find immortality in a sense, I don't see how this park remotely works on a financial level.

    • "I don't see how this park remotely works on a financial level."
      I think you should let that part slide, dude.
    • But it's a theme park?freedom
    • Ghost Nation has been rescuing guests from the start, that's why we've only seen a dozen or so humans this season.i_monk
    • that 2x4 episode got me going in weird places, well done.helloeatbreathedrive
    • Does it ever mention what year this takes place obviously there are multiple timelines but anyone have any guesses??Ramanisky2
    • I thought present day was in the 2040'sbulletfactory

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