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    What's with this Prince Harry and Meghan Markle BS? Why are so many people obsessed with the royals and monarchy?

    Like stupid lemmings/ sheep.

    • brain washing. Simple as that. They steal so much money and weath and own so much emipre. If the masses woke up and questioned this there would be hell to paymugwart
    • it starts at school at a very young age. History is heavily manipulated.
      I'm an anarchist so I long for the day this happens!
    • I don't get it either. Girl stuff.docpoz
    • Unfortunately it's not just girl stuff:…M01XXX
    • ^ he's very much in the "business" side of things. Its a strange strange network. My grandfather was involved with the royals. Fucking weird as shitmugwart
    • Royalty is the original celebrity.i_monk
    • True England has had reality TV for hundreds of years and your stuck on the same channel...robotron3k
    • +1monospaced
    • Was reading the hours of work prior the Monarchy was like 3-4 hours a day - they come along with their tax system and it was soon what we have today.mugwart
    • My wife and her irritating sister are having a party to watch this shit at 4am...fuck that.see_thru
    • I was reading this article earlier…
    • "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invite 2,640 commoners" Fucking lol...yuekit
    • Nothing interesting to see here.
      Carry on.
    • Lol I'm going to start referring to all the UK puds on QBN as "commoners'"robotron3k
    • Is that a nice way to say peasant?Maaku
    • makes the commrs feel like we actually gettin fcked over everything alrdy while they rubbin thir dcks all over faces in a very open way, excuse the harsh lingohelloeatbreathedrive
    • Bunch of land-thieving cousin-fuckers.PhanLo
    • People are dying daily due to lack of funding for the NHS and these scum spend millions and millions of pounds on a wedding. Scum.set
    • ^ yeah.mugwart
    • The entire thing is a sham.
      Neither of them are Royal.
    • There are far worse people spending far more money on shittier things than a wedding. We should have had a proper revolution years ago but we didn'tFax_Benson
    • This younger generation of Royals seem to be making a decent go of not being completely fucking awful despite being born into and stuck withFax_Benson
    • a weird that they don't really like. But yeah, it's fucking annoying.Fax_Benson
    • +1 Fax - they're mostly self-paying these days and good for tourism. They can all go to hell for all i care, but i do have a soft spot for Ginger Harry Cuckoodetritus
    • He's alright. Especially considering what he's had to deal with. Think how much he must want to tell the UK gutter press to go fuck their own facesFax_Benson
    • Self paying?set
    • ... and that good for tourism bunk needs to stopset
    • 'Mostly' self paying. In the grand scheme of things, Trident, HS2, Hinkley, it's spittle in the wind. And I should've writ "Brand" rather than tourism solely.detritus
    • They're taking £369 million from taxpayers to do up Buckingham palace. No more misinformed excuses for the scum bags. Please.set
    • While people burned alive because the government didn't form out five thousand pound extra to clad grenfal in non flammable materialset
    • Fork out*set
    • I don't want to argue but these scum bags need to go.set
    • There's probably more than 370m in the wallets of tourists standing outside buck palace right now. It's nothing.Fax_Benson
    • The real theft happened way back and wasn't just confined to the royals.Fax_Benson
    • Just a rich family, but unlike most wealthy, uk tax payers are paying for them to be rich. All due to the word 'Royal'. Bonkers.shapesalad
    • I'm up for the Duke of Westminster handing his property portfolio over to the state but that's not got much to do with Harry.Fax_Benson
    • Like tourists wouldn't come without them. Seriously. Come on. Stop it.set
    • If I had to choose I'd be a republican. Just saying that we missed our chance to get rid and these kids aren't to blame.Fax_Benson
    • They're fucking parasites propping up an self-serving class system that does no good whatsoever. Fuck them all. Even the 'good' ginger cunt.face_melter
    • We've created another parasitic class system without them. It's not much better.Fax_Benson
    • Inbred freaks. Fuck the lot of them. I'd rather watch the FA Cup but I'm going to sleep in a cave this weekend.MrT
    • ITT: http://1.bp.blogspot…i_monk
    • Caves are sweetdocpoz
    • mehhh it's not like they are spending my money.
      People in the UK tho. LOL
    • The Queen is sitting on trillions of dollars of uranium and owns the rights to fracking companies. They're utter scum.set
    • They're sitting on enough money to end world hunger and move the world to renewable energy sources while leaching money from the UK taxpayer.set
    • Not to mention being best friends with many of the high profile pedophiles. Very likely they're involved in that themselves. They are worse than scum.set
    • Can any of you honestly tell yourselves that they were best friends with Jimmy Saville and not have any idea what he was up to?set
    • You don't think they vet who they allow anywhere near them? They are the scum of the earth.set
    • And people flood the streets to celebrate them.set
    • I missed you Set!
      I've been on the same page of thinking for years. We need to have a revolution and if we could get that money we could do so much with it.
    • They system they wield and control is dire and horrific. We have been programmed to laugh at notions of life without them (aka David Ike)mugwart
    • a revolution would be great but any form that would start to take hold would be hijacked instantly, look at the years of "experiments" formed and practised.mugwart
    • We are so separated from even our own true nature that the only way out of this is to heal and work on yourself.mugwart
    • I've improved my health 100% over, healing my mental strength but the financial hurdle next is very very hard to achieve.mugwart
    • My grandfather was an advice and very involved with Freemasonry, those whom only have come to this with youtube simply can not grasp how fucked up the UK/worldmugwart
    • elite system truly is.mugwart
    • Indeed. "A new earth" by Eckhart Tolle is a book that if everyone read would help usher in the revolution that you speak of.set
    • You're so right that it's a personal one. It starts with us. Recognising that the voice in your head is not you is the first step.set
    • I only mention that as I'm reading it again at the moment and it's excellentset
    • But yes, the time for defending the royal family with empty bullshit like they bring in tourism is over.set
    • Uncle Andy had a girl flown over to him by American child rapist and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Daily Mail crowd said he was a prince and can do what he wantsPhanLo
    • ok, get rid of the Royals. Then what? Duke of Westminster? Sure. Then who? All the toffs. Then? Land ownership reformation; 100% Inheritance tax.. then?detritus
    • Personally I don't give a shit about them - they'll die out evenetually - they're already not mega rich. So why do you care so much?detritus
    • They have far more influence than you know, clearly.set
    • Britain's fucked, we need all the benefit from soft power we can get - getting rid of the royals would realise exactly zilch benefit. Or am I wrong?detritus
    • Why wouldn't you care? SO sick of the 'who cares' attitude that so many people have. That's the problemset
    • I literally cannot think of a reason why, beyond principle, anyone would give a fuck about their existence. There are bigger principles to contend with.detritus
    • The sooner the truth comes out about the scum elite and what they've been doing, the sooner we can move on to better more equally abundant lives for everyone.set
    • I care more about the selling off of British assets; about the dissolution of my country and people; about irrelevancy; about climate change and energy crisisdetritus
    • Honestly, having some central cultural core we can all get around and love/hate/bitch about, seems worth whatever piddling monies are paid each year.detritus
    • Your perspective seems based upon speculated misgoings on, so.. yeah, back to aliens and ufos, i guess.detritus
    • I don't understand your childish need to end with ridicule there. I also don't understand your feeling of not caring about this because there is other stuff...set
    • care about. But whatever, have a lovely day.set
    • You convince yourself that I'm the trouble maker but I did my upmost to put my view across with starting anything nasty there...set
    • ..and just because I have a different opinion to you, you can't help but condescend and ridicule. There's just no need.set
    • I've convinced myself of nothing other than you don't have substance to your point beyond dislike, which I also share. I didn't invoke conspiracy.detritus
    • I just don't understand why any middle aged male would really care so much either way - jealousy? Loathing? Fine, just admit it. I wish I had their £ too.detritus
    • Otherwise, all you've done is imply they're all child-fucking reptiloids - ok, again, fine, Do you have any evidence for that? No, then it's irrelevant.detritus
    • Actually, I wish I had the £ of the rich SA or Ru cunts who are way more of a problem, cost way more, and are way more dangerous and abusive of power..detritus
    • ..and who exist in much greater numbers in LDN. These people offer my country no value, in fact the opposite, and should all be summarily shot.detritus
    • I don't know how any working person can be into the idea of a royal family. Same with the idea of a pope.PhanLo
    • The Royals are barely a smudge on a footnote in a tome of my hatred, so why care about them? It's like fretting at flies.detritus
    • I'm 30 years old thank you very much. Fucking middle aged. And if you can't understand why someone would care about the well being of people, then... mehset
    • Clearly some people DO seem them as a benefit, set. Sure, you don't, I don't. But I'd sooner see the vaporisation of underlying celebrity culture.detritus
    • Why one or the other? I honestly don't get it.set
    • It's not that I don't care, it's that I don't think the royals are as important or negative as you seem to. Again, there're much bigger problems in Britain.detritus
    • Thanks for making me check - Middle age is apparently from 45 onwards. YISSSS, still young here. Just.detritus
    • My point, badly made, was that celebrity culture's an underlying human trait, unredactable. Contemporary Royalty's a symptom, not a cause.detritus
    • I hate it, but clearly the vast bulk of the population thinks that Ant & Dec and union Jack bunting's important to them, so .. what's it to me? Morons, all.detritus
    • Ah so it's OK then. You baffle me but I guess I baffle you. Much love, anyway xset
    • "They have far more influence than you know, clearly." OK, a) what do YOU 'know'? and b) if they wield that much power, they're somehow useful, right?detritus
    • As I said, I think they have use as soft power branding for UK PLC; I don't think much more than that, but I'll take what we can get. We need it.detritus
    • My problem with your stance is you tend to invoke mystery and fantasy without ever actually backing it up - leaves me no recourse other than to jab at that.detritus
    • So go on, you have the floor - what dark arts do these poly-faced, literally blue-blood cunts ply that I'm missing?detritus
    • As usual we just go round in circles. I've explained as much as I can in note form already why they are nothing but scum.set
    • They were best friends with Jimmy Saville. Do you honestly think they didn't know what he was up to? That's enough on its own to lynch them right there.set
    • Prince Andrew had multiple people come forward accusing him of much the same as Jimmy Saville and the media barely reported it.set
    • Ok, go on..? I assume and hope there's more than hapless crossing of cutural streams and Andy Pandy's love of clean white girl panties?detritus
    • As usual you clearly haven't spent much time looking in to any of it because you've made your mind up, yet expect me to lay it all out for you in qbn notesset
    • ..or dirty, I don't know.detritus
    • I really don't want to argue or get nasty I'm so over it. We baffle eachother, clearly, let's just leave it at that.set
    • So I shiould surmise that 'clearly' you've made up your mind based on very little other than hearsay and sordid speculation?detritus
    • Jimmy wasn't the only one they were friendly with. Other cases of abuse have come out. The evidence of wealth and control is there @det (said in respect).mugwart
    • That's what comes with unearned wealth and power, not Royalty per se though. If you want, get rid of the entire system, but where draweth the line?detritus
    • You can trace their bloodline back to antiquity. These people have been the scum of the earth and anti human progress since the beginning of timeset
    • But hey they were just born in to it and they're good for tourism. Round and round in circles. I'd rather just send you all love and wish you the best day everset
    • I find the idea of Saville tea'ing with Madge hilarious and incoherent, but I find it hard to imagine them getting it on with a whip and chains on an orphan boydetritus
    • ..if you have anything solid to suggest otherwise, please share.detritus
    • If you could be bothered you could no doubt trace my bloodline back to Charlemagne, but I'm unsure why that would be inherently evil?detritus
    • but what you imagine isn't always what is what happens. Remember they control everything down to education. "Whom knows" is the best belief system we can have.mugwart
    • Also that bloodline thing, you probably could but your family has probably suffered and worked every single generation. Theirs has been enslavement on homemugwart
    • shores and abroad.mugwart
    • Your Uncle Barry 3 times removed might have been and arsehole but theirs gave order of genocide.mugwart
    • We never have been free from it. We hear all the time mankind loves war. Maybe its not that generation of man but the orders from above.mugwart
    • we have major issues facing humanities future. IMAO ridding this power could allow us to evolve.mugwart
    • ;-) but hey aliens ;-)mugwart
    • Sorry, I think you're guffing intellectually-gangr... sparkly unicorn farts when you say shit like that. The Royals are not The System.detritus
    • The System is bigger than Royalty, bigger than government, bigger than country - fuck, Empire and genocide arose from commerce, not bloodlines.detritus
    • Ascribing such things to abstractions such as royalty demeans point - what's it they say about not calling Hitler a monster? Same thing here; point missed.detritus
    • Honestly, move on and let the people have their day eating scones in the street. Instead, get prepping for 2040 and the impending implosion of All.detritus
    • I get what you mean by not being the highest point of the system. Your right I believe. I just didn't want to go full conspiratoria and mention banking familiesmugwart
    • and the split of the Crown estate.
      I normally hold those points back as one only gets funny looks ;-)
    • I can't imagine it so it can't be true.

    • I have no real desire to try and convince people of anything anymore. It'll all come out one day. People are waking up to it slowly. Clearly not everyone, yet.set
    • Sadly it's people like Mr I can't imagine that, that is holding that movement back.set
    • ...but I love him all the same.set
    • If you can genuinely imagine queenie and Saville getting it on with an orphan child in a sex dungeon 200' under the palace, I'm not the one with problems heredetritus
    • You can tell yourself that.
      Have a nice day, mate.
    • It's far deeper than a bit of kinky fun, but seriously, whatever.set
    • Much more likely that than royalty being fallible, Saville being a reaching creep and them sitting having occasional awkward teas together, for the cameras.detritus
    • Yes, yes, you rationalise it all in your head and get on with your day. Please.set
    • @det - things have come out, news was made but it was silenced and derailed. While we don't know Queenie's fetish something has gone on. Its not a case ofmugwart
    • our knowing exactly what has happened but that something has happened and we don't know whatmugwart
    • I imagine — sorry "can't" :( — but will try here anyway, it looked a little something like…
    • You're the only condescending nutter talking about reptilians...set
    • Ridicule that which you don't understand my friendset
    • You'll be embarrassed by it one day, I assure you, but until then... I forgive you.set
    • (lol)set
    • says a condescending nutter.detritus
    • lol, I know you are but what am I, is it?set
    • Takes one to know one!set
    • A truly majestic sidenote debacle :)fadein11
    • I really try not to let it get nasty.
      So over that shizzle.
    • That said, you're here now fadein so let's fuckin' have it!

    • Paedophiles aren't class specific. There are wrong-uns and enablers all the way to the top. Statistically. Those with the most power can do the most enabling.Fax_Benson
    • Select few close to Savile in all the institutions he accessed will have known. If you say all the Royals know because of their contact with him, surely LouisFax_Benson
    • Theroux knew.Fax_Benson
    • Odd logic and totally different. Louis doesn't have the power and influence to send MI6 to vet those who are allowed to become a friend of his.set
    • I don't know why I'm still responding. We disagree. It's fine.set
    • MI5*set
    • if you watch the first Theroux documentary - there was some odd points there which was cut to imply.mugwart
    • Ugggh even the national news here in Canada tonight was flooded by coverage of royal wedding stuffs.pango
    • Jesus! 148 notes!
      You guys have been busy.
    • Apparently not. Work-wise, anyway.detritus
    • Over the last decade, I wonder how much I've been paid to be on QBN.


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