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  • mugwart7

    Narcissistic ex wife is kicking off again. She's fucked up the rent and I'm now left to panic if she will just take my kid back to Japan.

    "Narcissism the only illness that leaves others requiring treatment"

    • Is she Japanese?M01XXX
    • Fock-ah-you WHALEEE and fock-ah you WIIFEEEEEE…mekk
    • damnGnash
    • yeah she's japanese. She's playing the abusive ex husband to my kids school - even though I divorced her for abuse.mugwart
    • he's always used men to pay her ways - now at 46 she's not enjoying it. Worried to shit about my son.mugwart
    • And this... is... why... I will never marry.M01XXX
    • Because you think all women are the same?detritus
    • Why did you marry a narcissist?docpoz
    • narcissists are expert manipulators. you won't know they are until it's too late.Gnash
    • Just don't see a point in marriage. It's BS construct by religion/ society. Women like it I guess.M01XXX
    • as Gnash said. It was revealed way to late.
      Marriage is incredible with a incredible person. Hell if not.
    • ^ exactly. my ex had a narcissistic personality disorder. when they're on your side it's awesome. pure hell, otherwiseGnash
    • and the damage they can do to their kids is powerfulGnash
    • Its horrific isn't it. I'm working on trying to get to the level I can look after my kid full time.mugwart
    • Marriage is for dummies mostly. 50%+ of marriages end in divorce. The statistics don't lie.M01XXX
    • true ^. married or not, life with a narcissist always turns cancerous.Gnash
    • What did you ever see in her?docpoz
    • A nice kind Japanese lady that wasn't like my narcissistic mother! Oh the irony!mugwart
    • She's 46!, its not pretty when narcissist hit the wall...robotron3k
    • Hey if marriage is about surviving the hard times then you have quite the challenge ahead of you. Good luck.docpoz
    • ^ yup. their assets diminish exponentially by thenGnash
    • Couldnt stay away, could you since1979/docpoz?detritus
    • Come to Vancouver already. Life might not be easier but it's away from her.
      Also you should join my community. Lol
    • Yeah if it's toxic create some space between you. Cough.docpoz
    • shes 11 years older than me. I met here when I like 22-23mugwart
    • fuck yeah pango! I'm down with that!mugwart
    • docp - its about love. Marriage and/or relationships are incredible when they work.mugwart
    • Mugwart, she can't take your kid out of the country without your consent. Gnash & Robo - ffs. Don't be so sexist and ageist. Everyone gets old - even designers.Melanie
    • ^ narcissists (diagnosed ones, that is) are in there own special category. when their self perceived attributes crumble they become even more dangerous.Gnash
    • @detritus
      Luke Logan is Luke Logan. Docp is docp. R u good?
    • ^ for some it may be their looks, for others their power. others still their social status. For the one I know, it happened to be her looks.Gnash
    • when that unravelled, so did her world view and she wreaked havoc on those whose lives revolved too close.Gnash
    • so it's not about age, or gender directly. it's about a psychological pathology.Gnash
    • https://afternarciss…Gnash
    • read up before you judgeGnash
    • 11 years? O_O that' was a trap!pango
    • how old is your son?sothere
    • Do you live near them?notype
    • Melanie, narcissist become worse with age, as their looks/sexuality & manipulative powers lessons. NPD used to be called multiple personality disorder.robotron3k
    • Mug I hope you're able to talk to someone about this, IMO it would be important to get things off your chest...robotron3k
    • Hey man sorry to hear about this. Is there someone that could act as a third party?eryx
    • Thanks for messages, robot, my gf is kick arse and Stella logic so if the attacks are too much I have support. Can't afford therapy though.mugwart
    • She was very attractive but it wasn't looks, in hindsight I was badly emotional abused kid that was seeking escape from my folks. Feel into the cliché trap.mugwart
    • For those that have never experienced narcassim they have no grasp on the psychological terror it can inflict on peoples lives.mugwart
    • also notype - I'm in the next London postcode from them but in reality its a 40 min bus and walk journey. GotaLoveSouthLondonmugwart
    • Good luck mug glad you have your gf for support. I lived with a narcissist for 8 years. Nice when good, but when bad, it destroyed me psychologically.sea_sea
    • ^ yup. they're awesome when they're on your side.Gnash
    • ^^ 8 years. I was 10. Drives you insane. I left cause she started to blame me on hitting me... so she was trying to pin the attacks on me the one getting hit...mugwart
    • I still find the "switch" of characters really mentally hard to deal with it. Leaves me questioning if it was me. hey ho.mugwart
    • oh man mug, i felt the same. he started getting violent when i brought up any issue he was against. would make me wonder if it was my fault after it was over.sea_sea
    • even tho he clearly cheated on me, i was left doubting it every time, like i was making it up. it was horrifying how i was manipulated now looking back at it.sea_sea
    • Of course you allowed yourself to be manipulated, you loved him. You were open and he took advantage which is deceitful and that is painful to know.docpoz
    • ( or must be painful to realize )docpoz
    • @doc - not so black and white as that. Its like a puppet manipulator, they steer thoughts & really deceive your perception of reality.mugwart
    • @sea - thats terrible what he did to you. Violence is the worst. Mine changed when drinking. The abuse that would come out that that tone of voice.mugwart
    • If your talking got near to their "plan" the shit you had to deal with. I had to leave as she started to projector her violence onto me as the attacker.mugwart
    • Hope your happy now.mugwart
    • https://media1.tenor…notype
    • crazy how hurt people can cause a wrath if they can't clean up their own mess. dealt with one fairly recently - difficult to recover but left after the signs.notype
    • Wait... Don't you have a restraining order on her?pango
    • ^ that was nearly my old land lord... shit I used to attract them. I used to believe I was the one that was the cause until I discovered the Empath theorymugwart
    • sorry to here notype. Nothing is more fucked up. Need a QBN recovery centre!mugwart
    • Thx mug definitely in a good place now. takes time to work through all the hurt and make sense of things. Hope she finds something or someone else to focus on.sea_sea

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