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  • kingsteven1

    a few days ago i was washing some dishes and looking out at my cat dicking about in the garden, looked up to notice someone staring at me out of one of the rear windows of the houses on the next street... i don't want to stare in to their house, so I look away thinking that's a bit odd, but whatever...

    since then, i've been looking up there every time i'm in the kitchen and every other time someones staring back, haven't made out what they look like but think it's a teenage kid... chubby face right up against the glass... how can i fuck with this person? satanic rituals? do a full jimmy stewart and stage a murder, dig a big hole etc.?

    • that's a reflection in the windowFax_Benson
    • *yourFax_Benson
    • hah, old enough to take chubby teen as a compliment. thought it was a mask sitting on the windowsill at first but then it smiled and turned it away.kingsteven
    • my first house faced a house up on a but of a hill across street, we moved in and noticed someone’s silhouette standing behind curtainsprophetone
    • every time i looked across the street the silhouette person was standing at window, creeped us out as guy was weirdprophetone
    • one day like 2 years later of noticing this he was peppeing to move and we realized it was a life size Don Cherry cardboard cutoutprophetone
    • bothered us for years while it was happening, peeking out our blinds all ‘wtf?’ haha. anyway we’re idiots.prophetone
    • hahahakingsteven
    • There is always a cat watching my washed dishes through the window. "why aren't you licking it?"pango
    • Cover yourself in fake blood and butcher a mannequin.shellie
    • Then point at them with a blood soaked hand and mouth, "you're next"shellie
    • hahah, yess... and count the houses from the end of the block.kingsteven
    • Get a laser pointerset
    • Find a way to make your lights flicker when you're in a staring contest again.Maaku

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