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    90% of my daydreaming is about social situations where I quarrel with people who are unreasonable, stupid or physically aggressive, and I punish them by reporting them to the police, frighten them with my lawyer (I dont have one), having them resigned and in last resort punching their skulls in


    • are you afraid of said things happening to you?mekk
    • Not really, it never happensdrgs
    • or unreasonable to people?mekk
    • You get a certain energy kick from fighting with people, even better if its revenge
      I think everyone has these fantasies
    • sometimes we all are unreasonable, stupid or physically aggressive. In your dreams you actually know these people?sted
    • Come to London and actually live out these fantasies with your fellow 'man'.detritus
    • I have heart-pumping quarrels with total strangers about once a week. Last was on Sunday - some guy kindly offering to knock me out in a supermarket.detritus
    • You got anger and pain issues... textbook...jagara
    • you should get a dogmekk
    • ...and beat it to a pulp.detritus
    • No. To sic on the cunts who rile you up.face_melter
    • Has it ever happened to you, dear reader, you're in a club, someone has started a fight, and you want to join for no reason?drgs
    • ^ my last physical fight was when I was like 16 or so. And no, I don't want to fight random people or join their fights.. There's something wrong with umekk
    • Fuck yeah, that's a great distillate of what that guy's all about. It's not hyper pro man, it's getting menkids to stop being haplees shitstains and stand up.detritus
    • 90% of my daydreaming involves arguing with people in the internet, then later having secret Skype sessions with them without any pants onautoflavour

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