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  • pango3

    Fuck me. Land Lord is gonna sell my place. And I have 2 months to move out.
    The Vancouver shuffle...
    Anyone's couch I can crash if I can't find a place?

    • damn. not easy to find a place there, i hearGnash
    • A million dollars literally buys you a shit hole house here... rental market is stupid as well.pango
    • did you have any idea he was looking to sell? or was it sudden?notype
    • Kinda sudden. But to be honest anyone who has house here for more than 20 years wants to sell. The market is stupid.pango
    • Stupidly good for seller.pango
    • At least triple the land value in just 10 years. Mofos.pango
    • I heard they are anti-man in Canada, is that true??robotron3k
    • True. I had to start a riot just to get the same benefit as women at my company.pango
    • also there's no such a thing as male bathroom. we all pee everywhere. and shit in the bushes.pango
    • Don't worry robo, you'll be fine - Canada has no problem with children.face_melter
    • pmsl facefadein11
    • Damn- you’ll find something. If nothing else you could probably do a share for a certain amount of time?notype
    • I know a few people out in Van. Not sure on if you can crash at their place but I can put out feelers if you want?mugwart
    • Lol I was joking about the couch.
      Ya man of you have a lead plz let me know. Don't mind sharing.
    • Only shared because I'm about to be in a similar situation. Properties in my neighborhood are through the roof and it's just a matter of time before..garbage
    • landlord razes this place, so I've had my legal game ready. VN looks like it has similar services that you should look into if you haven't.garbage
    • https://www.airbnb.c…notype
    • ^ ck the filter tho. They have pretty good sublets for a period of time.notype
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