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  • detritus1

    Got in to the shower this morning and caught a whiff of gas - you know when you smell gas, but not overtly, and it prods from the very edge of your senses so you're not exactly sure where it's coming from or if it's even there?

    Another whiff, and I'm wondering if somehow the boiler's got a leak and it's somehow coming through the showerhead. I groan, because I don't need this shit right now, and another whiff.

    Except, it's not quite. It's subtly different. As pungent but more rounded and not so specific as Ethyl Mercaptan (yeah, I looked it up).

    Christ, I realise - it's me.

    I'd finished off a tub of some particularly fragrant tarka Dahl last night and by fuck, now it's trying to escape from my pores.

    I reek. Thank god I work alone.

    • Best recipe ever. Will make again.detritus
    • Have you tried to shower more often? j/kOBBTKN
    • Lately, I've got the same problem with onions... look around thinking "oh man, somebody needs a bath..."OBBTKN
    • Until I realize that it's me... o.OOBBTKN
    • Ey, this looks tasty yo...…OBBTKN
    • Oh, it is tasty - that was one of the three recipe I based mine on.detritus
    • I eat a LOT of garlic and onions, but no smell - I'm guessing this stench was because the remnants had been left to fester for a day or so :)detritus
    • drink shit loads of water afterwards!
      Shame we don't have a decent non-hookup sauna scene here in the UK
    • Ha, great post. Reminds me of my mum's superhuman ability to know I have eaten Indian food, often a day and occasionally days before. Bizarre.fadein11
    • I have everything I need to make this at home, except for the cilantro and green chilies. Added to my list!monospaced
    • Trick is, imho, to make sure the end result isn't dry, so make sure there's oil/butter/ghee enough to keep it sloppy. Also, do blend, but not utterly.detritus
    • Do we have something akin to a QBN cooks thread? That could be fun.garbage
    • Next tell us, in detail, about your last ass wiping experience. Sheesh.since1979
    • Dont read it then. Simple.detritus
    • No, really, please tell us about your hemorrhoids next stinky man!since1979
    • Drgs has already covered that topic.
      I live in his shadow.
    • ^ The shadow of his gigantic roidsgarbage
    • A billion blistering bump-grapes!

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