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    NOFAP. In case some of you don't know what it is: Not masturbating/ watching porn & ejaculating. It has become somewhat of a Reddit movement and more guys are doing it. It's not about morals or religion but there are scientific facts on how porn has an effect on your brain. I'm in awe of the guys who can go a full month or even months on end without watching porn I can do max a few days before I get extreme withdrawal effects. So yes I'm somewhat of a porn/ sex addict. Trying to work on it and hopefully be less dependent on porn. It's my only drug, I don't drink, don't smoke, I don't do real drugs. But watching porn can have as much or even stronger impact on the brain than cocaine or heroin.

    • Yup. Works.jagara
    • https://tonic.vice.c…
    • It's not always easy to differ between porn addiction and libido. Urge for sex/porn will never go away -- because you have a sex drive which demands it.drgs
    • https://sputniknews.…Gnash
    • I found this video hard to fap to..autoflavour
    • you eat sugar? thats a drugfuturefood
    • What is so wrong with a good nut?utopian
    • It's not just about sex or sex addiction. More so how constant usage of porn can alter your brain chemistry and mess up your dopamine/ receptors.M01XXX
    • ...And even cause porn induced erectile dysfunction. It happened to me few times when I was having sex with hot girls, yet I had trouble with erections.M01XXX
    • As in video, after a while your brain's dopamine messed up and you're too desensitized seeing so much sex & hot chicks that with real women it gets difficultM01XXX
    • 'Reddit movement' is all you need to know. Like incels and MRA pinheads.face_melter
    • Isn't life hard enough alreadyfuturefood
    • how come that nofap people always brag about the sexual power they unleashed? That's kinda the opposite of the goal?mekk
    • No the goal is to not waste your energy by constantly masturbating and for some it gives a big confidence boost and more energy/ testosterone.M01XXX
    • I'm not anti sex. In fact Nofap isn't against real sex. Just anti constant masturbating to porn. I really want to try to reset my dopamine receptors but so hardM01XXX
    • And:…M01XXX
    • i tried this but basically hated lifescarabin
    • @scarabin how long and what happened/ effects/ moods?M01XXX
    • I respect your honesty @M01XXXmugwart
    • i've tried a few times, it works, my record was 10 days. i felt all the good effects: skin glow, more endurance, motivation, zero social fear etcdrgs
    • there is a myth saying that abstinence raises your testosterone, which is not true. It up-regulates your androgen receptorsdrgs
    • ie. you become more sensitive to testosterone. basically nofap leads to hyperandrogenicitydrgs
    • never been into porn. don't use it.Gnash
    • masturbation is perfectly normal and if you beliefe you need to stop masturbating to talk to people, you may also think the earth is a frisbee.mekk
    • *believe, lolmekk
    • mekk, it's not about masturbation. It's about how constant porn usage (or any high dopamine stimulation) alters your brain & dopamine receptors.M01XXX
    • Think the point is its it normal, just in the modern world it might not be so beneficial to your wellbeingmugwart
    • I wouldn't say that porn in 'normal'. I shudder at what it's doing to my kids -- in terms of modelling what healthy sexual relationships look like. it's toxicGnash
    • porn is not designed to teach you a healthy relationship, its there to get you off quick. Teach your kids how to consume responsibly instead of condemning pornmekk
    • I understand that porn is not meant to educate. and I do my best to have those conversations with - as much as the cringe through it.Gnash
    • but the reality is that kids are learning about sexual relationships through porn.Gnash
    • @M01XXX how many were you on a day?
      Just out of interest only and no judgement from me I promise.
    • My usual routine of the past nearly 10 years would look like this (if not in relationship): Wake up with morning wood and watch porn for 1-2+ hours before workM01XXX
    • That would be nearly every day if I wasn't in a relationship. And I wouldn't finish myself off most of the time but keep on edging.M01XXX
    • so it was just a morning thing? come on, spill the beans, never at work?fadein11
    • Obviously this level of honesty is always going to be intriguing/amusing (even incredulous) on QBN so excuse my curiosity.fadein11
    • I was always independent or freelancer so I had a lot of time in the mornings. I woke up horny almost every day. And masturbated if I wasn't with a girl.M01XXX
    • Oh and about honesty: It's not like anyone of you know who I am.M01XXX
    • Always had high sex drive but when I didn't have sex with a girl I needed to see more naughty stuff that aroused me. This state of arousal became addictiveM01XXX
    • I loved that feeling of being horny all the time, wanting to go to the gym with that energy or try to hook up with a new girl on Tinder.M01XXX
    • thanks for sharing. There is a flip side to this, regular masturbation may lower your risk of prostate cancer according to some studies. This is a concernfadein11
    • for later in life though.fadein11
    • ^OBBTKN
    • But 1 to 2 hours of porn every morning... Sorry, but I'm too old to waste time this way mateOBBTKN
    • yep, brutal morning regime.fadein11
    • To some it's brutal. For me it was beautiful and exciting. I just love beautiful women and looking at them. But yes this porn addiction isn't good.M01XXX

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