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    Dating someone for a few mos who I really like... a great deal. Although, we are really kind of polar opposites in our lifestyles, and some of our philosophies (it seems). She's 5 years younger; usually 1-2yr younger (6-8 years older) is my range.

    It's been quite some time since seriously dating someone and at that someone who makes me see the world in a kind of new light and it’s been amazing to, in this new connection, learn about what it means to begin care for, or about someone again (too soon?)

    Our lifestyles are REALLY very different though. Could opposite sides of the coin last? While there's been a little bit more stressers than I'd like to experience because it seems so soon -- when I'm with her all the stuff that seems to come up, falls away. Not even sure what my gut is telling me to do at this point, but I’ll try to hang in there a bit longer despite the early arguments/frustrations. Or should I bail?

    My older brother by 4 years (44) is getting married this year, I’ll be his best man & am so happy for him. Starting to feel like my time’s running out. Finances, and career wise things are good, just over wiping out my debt and on trajectory to buying a home this July. Almost got a pet (adopt papers all together)...

    Keeping my fingers crossed .

    • *5 years younger.
      High five!!
    • How different is your lifestyle?robotron3k
    • Is she a lawyer? Then it's a NO NO NOOBBTKN
    • Although thinking about it... lawyers are a no no for everybodyOBBTKN
    • If you both get along then you can work things out together. My gf is opposite to me and it's great,we both have our own world's.mugwart
    • If your both honest, you both have the choice to make it work. Don't be quiet about it.mugwart
    • get in there my sondrgs
    • Ok, she likes Pokémon and you're more of a Digimon guy. You'll get over it.face_melter
    • I've been arguing with my partner pretty much since we started going out. That's who I am, that's who she is. We're ok.
      Diff'rent strokes rule the world.
    • Not sure why I’m looking for “perfection”, nothing is. Maybe I need to relax and be happy to have the experience. + spring is coming.notype
    • Really different lifestyle's rarely work unless someone (you) seriously alters theirs. Been there, fuck that.section_014
    • Tx drgs and pango for keeping me laughing.notype
    • take it day by day. if happy then staysince1979
    • ^ truly over the moon with this woman. I think I will.notype
    • ^ think you have your answer then!mugwart

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