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  • Wolfboy2

    RIP a true British eccentric.

    Trevor Baylis, a shed dwelling inventor; his most famous creation being the wind up clockwork radio. The radio was intended for the African market who were off the electricity grid as a method of spreading information and news – the main goal being to spread the correct info about HIV and AIDS as lack of education on the subject was one of the biggest factors in it's spread.

    He once won pipe smoker of the year and lived on Eel Pie Island.

    • It's worth having a gander at his wiki page: https://en.wikipedia…Wolfboy
    • ;-(mugwart
    • RIP. Seemed like a lovely chap. always wanted to go to Eel Pie Island but never seem to get round to it.Fax_Benson
    • Ah, shit. he was the archetypal British engineer — clever, economical & creative; Absolutely fucking useless at business.detritus
    • Me too about Eel Pie Island, fax - there's a few wee odd spots like that out in W.LDN, no?detritus
    • yeah, I think Eel Pie does a few open days where you can go and poke around the artist studios / barges. There used to be a rocknroll hotelFax_Benson

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