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  • prophetone6

    • while the nominees were being announced:
    • it's a good film.... but I just do not get the insane amount of love.inteliboy
    • It was a good Twilight Zone episode.bainbridge
    • over the top love for an above average filmutopian
    • the oscars has to award black movies so they can keep their political stance of inclusiveness and diversity.hotroddy
    • they don't want to be accused of 'lilly white' oscars in this political climate.hotroddy
    • which is why moonlight won last year over LA LA land. The year before they were being accused of racism and liberals can't have that!hotroddy
    • But Moonlight was a better movie than LA LA Land.bainbridge
    • I bet you enjoyed brokeback mountain too!hotroddy
    • @hotroddy congratulations, you're an idiot.garbage
    • thanks garbage. Hope I didn't shit on your day./ .hotroddy
    • God's probably right. These are highly political.mugwart
    • God?pango
    • Peele totally deserved it. That screenplay was awesome and touched a lot of people and made a huge impact. If you didn't get it, that's too bad.shellie
    • Plenty of movies win that people didn't get. And, just bc im black doesnt mean I default to black films, actors, or producers. It was just a good story. The endshellie
    • God?kingsteven
    • God?mugwart
    • autotype mixed with shameless excitement fail.
      God = hotroddy ;-)
    • these are incredibly highly political. These rarely never have been for the quality of the film. I'm glad Peele's win thoughmugwart
    • just checking who's reading mugwart? hahakingsteven
    • reading?mugwart
    • Jesus Christ. Its everyone on autocorrect?pango
    • seems that way. It would be a lot worse for you all if I was not on it!mugwart
    • @pango I think who if what because it sometimes where can it never be like thatgarbage
    • I liked it, though, it was like only watching one episode of Black Mirror.ShenanigansTV
    • The Oscars are about studios doing each other favours. Stop pretending there's anything objective about who wins or why.i_monk
    • Prob my fave tweetsince1979
    • Jordan peel’s dope. Part of the charm of the film is that peel wrote and directed it. Maybe it was a glorified black mirror episode and not oscarcworth whatever_niko
    • ...That means but it was still a great movie._niko
    • It got me thinking though, has there ever been a black movie( writer directo cast etc) that wasn’t about being black? Nothing American made comes to mind_niko
    • jesus christ, nikomonospaced
    • wow - this thread. so interesting to read.fadein11
    • @garbage the same time I was just a reminder to check out this week to get a new job is going well.pango
    • take a movie like falling down and replace michael douglas with denzel washington, same exact script... all of a sudden it has totally different undertones._niko
    • I guess it's a symptom of America as a whole and what it deals with. Take movies made in china vs movies made in the US with chinese actors. it's always about_niko
    • being chinese in america or some other racial and social commentary as the undertone._niko
    • sorry don't know what my point is in all of this just making an observation lol._niko
    • I think I understand what your getting at.mugwart
    • The lead actor I really enjoyed from the Fades. Being a Brit he seemed to struggle with the aspect from his part.mugwart
    • The film has been done before in slightly different ways. It's okay, not that well made but when has Hollywood been about thatmugwart
    • @pango I am happy for congratulate if what the how is hello your predatorgarbage
    • You will find it on your desk for the last episode of course it's been so outdated but it was for a while back drop Shadow copy to me know what to say thank.pango
    • LOL you win this round, you glorious bastard.garbage

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