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  • shapesalad2

    It's a pity it's kinda too complex for the average designer to build something like this. ^

    Back in the Flash days it was more accessible for an average joe designer to tinker around and build an interactive toy. I do miss those days, a bit of "on enter frame" some "on release" and a couple "goto and plays" - and you had yourself some interactive fun in minutes, all from one app, design - code - execute.

    Problem nowadays is you need to know the at least the basics of html/css/javascript, some plugins such as jquery, all the various browser quirks, probably some back end or server side stuff, php etc, and faff on making it responsive to fit on any device, and work with touch gestures etc. Then go to other apps to create the designs, sketch, photoshop, illustrator etc... and if you want some quick animation forget about it... a looping mp4? animated svg? a poor quality gif?. It's a mess these days, there's no one do it all app to create stuff with. Boo Hoo I miss Flash. Although I hated it once it moved to Actionscript 2.

    • yeppersprophetone
    • Too many people complained it wasn't open source and that it took up too many resources... Flash really opened up w/AS3... I miss it too :(PonyBoy
    • This true, flash was a cool reality to work inrobotron3k
    • I find myself talking about flash in such a tone of “back in my day”. These damn kids and their internet languages. GoToAndF***_yourselffreakpelican
    • I designed crazy websites with flash, nowadays everything looks same and I gave up trying different things because the process is not as funBeeswax
    • Flash timeline helped me to design a site like a storyboard. Everything had a beginning,middle and end with endless possibilities of transitions in betweenBeeswax
    • flash was the shit. isn't the only thing that ended it is it failed at being indexed by search engines properly?scarabin
    • there were ways around just about everything that everyone says killed flash... except the fact that tablets / smartphones lacked playback... that did it imhoPonyBoy

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