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    I've been laughing off an on for a few minutes now.

    While on a conference call, a younger designer was giving a presentation. Most of us were on mute listening in when all of a sudden she politely says "Would you all mind holding on for a moment,..."

    At this point I believe she wanted to mute because out of no where...

    "SHUT THE FUCK UP I AM ON A CALL. DO NOT TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW" screamed so loud into the mic it made my ears ring.

    Then... dead silence for 5 seconds. Then 10. It was getting awkward. 15 seconds pass and now it's so fucking painfully awkward I decide to chime in (once I stopped pissing myself with laughter) and calmly try and give my 2 cents on the question she had asked just before going ape-shit, completely passing it off as if nothing had happened.

    My slack feed exploded with laughter.

    Holy shit we're going on 40 minutes now into the call and it's so painful. She's fresh out of college and this is her first design job. hahahha oh fuck me I can't stop laughing.

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