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  • sinjun10

    Client takes me out for lunch last August

    After going waaaaaay over the time (due to them faffing) I originally had planned to finish the job and charging them nothing extra. Finished - Looks great.

    Client asks me to do another job

    Explain I can’t do it as I’ve taken on a full-time role.

    Client asks me to pay for half the lunch (6 months later)

    • absolutely insane! never speak with this person again.capn_ron
    • lol. awesomeGnash
    • pay for it. lolumbee54
    • fuck it... step up as the biz owner (they're the client after all) and pay for the WHOLE lunch. Then, in good biz owner form—send a bill for the 'faffing' time.PonyBoy
    • I had to Urban Dictionary "faffing"Krassy
    • pay them for half the lunch in penniesKrassy
    • They gave me their Paypal... Everytime I think about paying it I just end up laughing to myself and closing the browser... It's only £25 lolsinjun
    • pay the whole amount, as pony suggestedGnash
    • Pay the whole thing. Lolpango
    • Lunch 6 months ago? Go the penny route
      And throw some pocket lint in there.
    • pay them in notes with I AM A CUNT written on them in black marker.microkorg
    • haha yea, bind them with Set PSBfuturefood
    • Mail a carton of vomit, tell them you are returning the lunch.shapesalad
    • ^lolmoldero
    • Send it over Venmo and be vocal about paying for a 6 months old half-lunch....everyb... will see that.Maaku
    • pay the lunch without another word saidimbecile
    • Buy whatever you had for lunch, freeze it for 6 months and then mail it to them. Frozen no packaging, just place it on a cardboard packaging boxMiguex
    • sprinkle food with packing peanutsMiguex
    • pay everything. charge farfisa time. fuck them.oey
    • http://blog.goldenea…VectorMasked
    • Just pay this silently, no words. They have connections as well and they also speak to other people. You just don't know the future.mugwart
    • Pay full- and send thank you swagnotype
    • pay him in strip club billsmekk

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