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  • Wolfboy0

    Well I previously complained about the way that so far every situation had been sorted out by utilising punching, shooting and...

    But the finale did not do that and was just a tedious hour of television.

    *I guess the next paragraph is a spoiler, although it’s that dull that it’s not really spoiling anything*

    They seemed to do very very little to sort out a galactic war. A couple of speeches, a Klingon waves a calculator at some other Klingons and the whole show resets like a bog standard sit-com.

    So I guess the bottom line is that this show suffers from one problem, terrible terrible writing. Dialogue, episode plots, season arcs; none of it really works.

    • It was so flat for a final. Rushed and felt like an episode of bullet points.thumb_screws
    • And “yo homicidal maniac, here’s the keys to the car”. That was awful.thumb_screws
    • Yeah, it reminded me of when Caprica was cancelled so they just wrapped up everything that would have been the second series in a 5 min montage.Wolfboy
    • Very little to sort out a galactic war? They surgically altered a human to be a dead Klingon warrior with his memories who eventually decided to help and betrayCyBrainX
    • both sides and help end the war by putting T'Rell in a position of power to lead the Klingons. It wasn't very little at all.CyBrainX
    • +1 for Clint Howard
      +1 for the line about "Bread and Circuses"
      +1 million for the Enterprise with Spock and Pike on board and Sarek on the Discovery.
    • I’ll go with +1 for Clint Howard - has anyone played more characters across the various Star Treks?Wolfboy
    • But in general they seemed to turn around a situation that was set up as much bigger over the past couple of episodes. 9 months of unchecked victories for the..Wolfboy
    • ...Klingons just sorted out with an afternoon fucking around on Kronos with some comedy geeks and freaks. The whole thing felt under baked.Wolfboy
    • "Klingon waves a calculator"sted
    • I'm sorry, the war ended because someone has a bomb and everyone fell in line to follow a nobody. Fuck this show.ETM
    • "Yeah, we suck at writing, but here's the Enterprise! Look at the new shiny thing to go crazy on social media about and forget our whole garbage first season."ETM
    • So, there's nothing this show can do to please you in any way?CyBrainX

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