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    Has Quincy Jones' interview been posted?

    It's amazing.…

    • Be a Pisces. Jam.detritus
    • heard some bits. He dated Ivanka Trump 15 years ago, (70 and 24) and Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor would hook up. O_OHijoDMaite
    • Good interview.section_014
    • thought he came across as both hilarious, and kind of an asshole... there's a fine line between unappologetic and just kinda mean.exador1
    • he's 85. Sharper and funnier badder than most 85 year olds.Fax_Benson
    • Great interview, came across a little blinkered to good stuff happening now but i guess he doesn't hear it in his circles. But fuck that it's Quincy.fadein11
    • arrogant and ungrateful and shows little to no class.chukkaphob
    • not really arrogant, well a little but rightly so. He knows his shit and he's v.old so give him a pass.fadein11
    • I'm separating the person from the art. May I? His art was/is amazing. No doubt about that.chukkaphob
    • Also not impressed by him unnecessarily out-of -context spilling the beans on others. Sounds like a gossip-y douchebag.chukkaphob
    • Dated Ivanka? Uhm. OK. So? And did he "date her?" or just hool up with her once? Who cares anyway, but he mentions it like it means something important. Douche.chukkaphob
    • It's great because he spills the beans and tells outrageous stories and does all the things you'd hope Quincy Jones would do in an interviewFax_Benson
    • you call that "great?" meh. Outrageous? none of it is outrageous. Also, the way he speaks sounds very dumb.chukkaphob
    • nothing in the interview is worth discussing, really. I would expect a lot more insight and inspiration from someone of his stature. Really disappointing.chukkaphob
    • A bit more highbrow? Like chick of the day?Fax_Benson
    • cool.notype
    • @Fax we're talking about Quincy Jones. Yawn. This best you got? dullness.chukkaphob

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