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  • BusterBoy6

    A woman at my wife’s work has quit because she refuses to work in the same office as an openly gay man. She even had the gall to ask the boss to have the guy reassigned.

    • Great. Her loss and one less cunt at the office.set
    • Is he annoyingly camp though? I don't care about sexuality, but overly mincy fuckers are intolerable. The women too.detritus
    • How do people with these pathetic prejudices actually operate on a daily basis? The logical conclusion is that she never leaves her house for fear of The Gay™.face_melter
    • Isn't The Gay contagious?Gnash
    • It is, Gnash, and I would know!

      And I agree with detritus.
    • Fabulously contagious.face_melter
    • get him to stand up and slow clap as she walks out with a cupboard box!mugwart
    • The Gay should get a raise from her salaryMaaku
    • ^^^ totallysection_014
    • Maybe she cant fucking stand him and it has nothing to do with him being gay. Fucking scandalstokercannonball1978
    • can't stop loling at i_monk :Dimbecile
    • She's a cunt. </thread>shellie
    • This is blog. No end thread here, ever!detritus
    • ooooh check you out Det!
      [said in the campest way possible with words on QBN]
    • State?
      Type of work?
    • Won't give any more details...other than to say the woman made her decision due to her religion.BusterBoy
    • She's a Cuntian?detritus

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