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  • oey1

    is it okay to put my image scanner on top o my refrigerator?

    I mean, it has a board in between and there's no heat generated from the refrigerator affecting the scanner.

    logistically it's also the best place so I really would like to know but I didn't find any info online.

    I confess that I feel a bit stupid.

    • it's not energy efficient for a fridge which requires air on all sides for efficiency. also opening and closing door during a scan could cause small glitches.omg
    • put the fridge on the scanner. scan it. sell fridge. profit.shapesalad
    • better to use an open frame spacer that allows air flow, and not touch fridge during scanning process.omg
    • +1 shapesalad!oey
    • i will never open the fridge while scanning that you guys can be sure.oey
    • the refrigerator needs refrigeration that's what you guys mean right? the scanner doesn't get cold neither the fridge warm. i'll improve it. thanks!oey
    • I don't mind. Go for it.Fax_Benson
    • Thanks for your permission Faxoey

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