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  • mg337

    Had to say goodbye to our cat Frankie yesterday. She lived to be 17, and lived with me in seven different apartments, condos, and finally the house we moved to in the suburbs last year. She was a great big sister to our kids.

    • sorry for your loss mg33 ... always toughRamanisky2
    • my little dude passed in 2011 and its still tough. I miss him a lot.Ramanisky2
    • Thanks. :) She got really skinny in the past couple weeks, had kidney failure, a tumor on her spine, and was 6.8 lbs. Sad to see her go.mg33
    • :_(
      They gives us unconditional love, it's hard to see them go, they're part of our everyday life. Sorry for your loss mg
    • Hard to explain to my 3yr. old. She got to say goodbye yesterday morning, but when she got home wanted to go see her in the hospital to see if she was better.mg33
    • My cat had similar issues with kidney failure .. he lost so much weight in such a short time.Ramanisky2
    • I didn't even notice the tumor on her spine until it was pretty big.mg33
    • my condolences ;(ernexbcn
    • Sorry man - always tough, but remember the good life you gave her.stoplying
    • Thanks. Yep, she had a good life. Except for the year she had to wear a cone almost all year because she was licking the hair off her belly. Sucked 4 both of usmg33
    • sorry about your kitty. Your kids all rock, though! nice fam :) this you new house?Gnash
    • (your*)Gnash
    • Great pics. Sorry she’s gone. She looks like an awesome kitty.dopepope
    • This is so tough, man... really sorry for you loss. My pup's been gone a week and the void in our home is tremendous. (great pics btw)PonyBoy
    • Thanks again everyone. :)
      Gnash - some are the new house - pics 3 and 4

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