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  • i_monk1

    Wondering how many qbners have completely changed careers since joining this site.

    • Trying to....ArmandoEstrada
    • Sort of thrice although I am trying to get back into web part time, so full circle if that happens.detritus
    • working on trying to be a commercial director. ive worked in commercials for 18 years in other capacities. working on reel, sending out...ArmandoEstrada
    • I changed careers BECAUSE of this siteautoflavour
    • eryx became a pipeline radiologist, i believeGnash
    • Changed soon after officially joining.bezoar
    • You bet Gnash, Living the Dream!eryx
    • BTW we are always hiring but you have to move to the middle of nowhere.eryx
    • ^ You should do a blog post about this.garbage
    • I went from working in video editing to writing.garbage
    • eryx do you mind if I shoot you a message about that? where could I contact you? Cheerspamacado
    • went through one change. Thinking aboout doing it againmugwart
    • Pamacado - message me though facebook, my URL is in my profileeryx

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