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  • mg334

    Some advice: Unless you are packing this with features that align with those of other top WP themes, you're going to have a hard time selling this for $85.

    The only theme I use anymore, Kalium, won me over because of the massive amount of options, support, plugins, shortcodes, etc. Having used several different WP themes until this one that required far more customization than I had the time to do, this type of theme is all I'm ver going to need - and it's $60 on ThemeForest.


    Not saying your theme won't work for people, but at a price like $85, you'd better be offering far more than others can get for $60, whether it's a theme like Kalium or something comparable.

    At the very least, as list of features, plugins, etc. support, etc. to accompany the demo would be helpful.

    • Jeez I can't even believe I wrote this comment. I'm usually pretty militant about correcting my spelling errors.mg33
    • yep price point is way out.fadein11
    • nice theme, I use a similar theme for the same reasons, this one looks a bit for flexible thoughGuyFawkes
    • more header options, very nice!GuyFawkes
    • thanks mgGuyFawkes
    • gracias mg. just purchased!futurefood
    • the only one i need - https://avada.theme-…imbecile
    • You're welcome! It's a fantastic theme. I used it for my first multisite last year, running all my sites on one install now.mg33
    • Love that I could copy the theme customizations and apply to a new site so easily.mg33

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