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  • kona6

    i took on a small client that should have been a slam-dunk logo and small brand identity system. it's turned into a straight circus act.

    i meet the client at a starbucks and i talk her through my process, expectations, deliverables, timeline, we sign a contract and i ask a number of questions to get a good sense of what direction she'd like to go.

    i give her homework and she provides about 8 logos she's fond of, which surprisingly enough are all pretty similar.

    we talk and agree i'll experiment with her name, which, she believes is her brand, in uppercase serif font. perhaps a staggered monogram. supporting text "residential real estate".

    round one went well.

    then a week goes by. two weeks. i reach out and get a series of odd texts at all hours of the night. "i really love this logo", "i just bought this stock photo cause i love the colors". ok. the logo is for francesca's and it's all lowercase papyrus. the stock photo's color scheme is literally nothing like the one we defined.

    round 2. a week goes by. then,...

    it's now almost daily new logos, none of which are even close to what she'd decided before. she also wants her logo to be used for like 6 other business ideas she has which is fine, it probably could as long as she changes the text but wtf... focus here... she'd also like to meet in person and design the logo on the fly over my shoulder. i try and explain what a logo is, and isn't, and what her brand, i believe, should be and that perhaps what is happening is she's showing the rounds to friends and family and their opinions are now becoming her own.

    the pinnacle was last night she sends me a picture of a pineapple that she's trying to add her logo over in word, saying a pineapple means 'hospitality' and her clients will get it.

    She sells houses and wants a pineapple on a for sale yard sign ffs. i'm at the end of my rope here. I didn't charge nearly enough for this shit.

    • As soon as I got to the words "real estate", I knew where this was going :/aslip
    • Sometimes I think about getting back into freelance design on the side, and then...detritus
    • always ends up with a hospitality pineapple.Fax_Benson
    • had real estate client last year who changed his mind every few weeks. Eventually sent him something and he replied that he'd already done it himself.Fax_Benson
    • lol guys! i'm afraid even after we 'finalize' a logo i won't be able to send her the files fast enough before she changes her mind.kona
    • oh, and today i get a text that she'll bring cash to the next meeting so she can pay me. uh, did she misread the contract and miss a zero? cash?!?kona
    • Oh my. I'm sorry for your pain but the pineapple bit is fucking hilarious!face_melter
    • Cash in hand at the meeting?Fax_Benson
    • Change the font and I'll put a ten in your pouch..and there's plenty more where that came from. Now make it all uppercase.Fax_Benson
    • And this is why I don't freelance.Maaku
    • she wants to copy others:Krassy
    • https://rlv.zcache.c…Krassy
    • https://wps-static-w…Krassy
    • lol. maybe. those would have been great day one. and, the pineapple she's looking to plop her logo on is a full color picture. smhkona
    • Lol pineapple.
      Oh humans...
    • Come back to her with a banana and start building a case for how bananas represent stability and growth. Phallic logo options galore!aslip
    • I got hot flashes while reading this. Uber annoying.Beeswax
    • You shouldn't have asked her for logos she likes. This is real estate. Provide her with a boring solution and one smart solution.freedom
    • ffs, pineapplemaquito
    • Tell her to go sit on a pineapplemugwart
    • You should have put her on a strict narrowing progression and charge when she deviates asking for more options instead of fewer.i_monk
    • Charge her a dollar per click while you guys are 'designing' the logo together.desmo
    • Grow a paircannonball1978
    • pineapples are awesome.omg
    • https://media.giphy.…Ramanisky2
    • lol@ram
      it's like fishing here... you reel-reel-reel the marlin in then it takes off with 100 feet of line. it's insane.
    • ughhh been there many times before kona, I feel your pain.Ramanisky2
    • I want you to be creative, I trust you.
      You've done a great job, but can you just make it look like everyone else's designs. Thanks.
    • lolkona
    • The 'just a logo' jobs are like letting a passenger land a plane. It's never what they need.monoboy
    • Feel your pain dude.monoboy
    • keep charging for each revision until you're a millionaire.cbass99
    • #metoo - good luck holmesBonSeff
    • First time to see "slam-dunk logo" and "real estate" so close together. They do however are used frequently in rants.VectorMasked

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