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    Are people interested in hearing the details about my hemorrhoid?

    I have a thrombosed hemorrhoid, which is basically a blood clot under the skin. Sort of like when you hit one of your fingers, and the nail turns black, only in your ass.

    It was only painful the first week, now I do not notice it all. The clot will dissolve by itself within 6 weeks. Absolutely no progress so far. I keep a small mirror by the bed to look at it.

    Upvote for more details and pictures.


    • Have you considered tattooing legs on it to make it look like a spider, it'd be a great conversation starter...robotron3k
    • ^ LOLGuyFawkes
    • give it a name.ApeRobot
    • I'll call it ApeRobotdrgs
    • It could be your ego trying to escape. If not, in future, if anyone asks how it's doing, just say 'swell'BustySaintClaire

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