Super Bowl 2018

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    I’m betting my wife that the Philly Birds will make the most home runs and win the super cup. Caw caw!

    • Caw caw! Eagles roar! Goal!!!!!!monospaced
    • You guys should have a font-off! See who can name the most fonts in under 4 hours while the rest of us are enjoying shitty food and booze. ;)PonyBoy
    • CAW CAW!!!monospaced
    • By the way, just like Christmas, I celebrate the super bowl holiday as an atheist. Chicken wings, fat boy sides and all.monospaced
    • From what I hear you can actually cook so I'm willing to bet your fat boy sides etc are damn tasty. I'm meeting Cosmo @ the casino for wings—caw caw indeed! <3PonyBoy
    • Fuck yeah. I’m baking chicken tenders in panko crust, making a kickass slaw, and am already half way through a case of bud light. America!!!!monospaced
    • Maybe the baby will sleep or else we’ll be changing diapers drunk and tired.monospaced
    • lol... BUD LIGHT??! A palette like yours and you go w/a Busch product?! I keeed. :) It's a valid gameday go-to—I'll probably be drinking them or Mich Ultras.PonyBoy
    • It’s not the super bowl without bud light. It’s not taste, it’s tradition. They didn’t rebrand it “America” for nothing.monospaced
    • Hey mono I'm coming over.garbage

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