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  • pango2

    omfg... kids upstaires won't stop running for the last 2 hours.... calm the fuck down!!!

    • Having twin 3 year old boys- that’s exactly why we only looked at first floor apartments when we were moving.bulletfactory
    • luckily it's not their kids. hopefully it's only today. lol but holy shit just 2 hours and its unbearable!pango
    • remember how you felt, it will help you decide if you should ever have them or not.fadein11
    • good neighbors chain them upGuyFawkes
    • I had 3 kids under 5 living above me for a few years. the running around didn't bug me one tiny bit. It was nice hearing kids play.Gnash
    • Much better than listening to a subwoofer thump away.Gnash
    • The family above me I’ve named the Kloppers, it sounds like 5 Clydesdales having a disco party every gatdamn night of the week.Ramanisky2
    • Oh they do subwoofer too...pango
    • Yeah ..adults are no better, had to endure neighbours next door singing (shouting) Britney spears songs at 2 in the morning on Fridaydee-dubs

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