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    You might look into TPE; large durometer range, very affordable material.

    The molds are probably going to cost you though, that's usually the investment.

    I saw a range of $2,300 - $6,300 this week just for the single release mold for a 100mm x 100mm x 34mm part

    Prototype printing will not be cheap. Sculpting originals may be a more cost effective route?

    It appears those examples are multi-piece then assembled, increasing manufacturing costs.

    • they are actually a solid single piece, no movable parts. They are just good resolution. At least it's what I'm aiming for (the one w the cat could be 2 parts)Miguex
    • Yeah prototyping is pricey, I was quoted about $600 for resin, one for testing one for molding so it would be $1200 just on protoMiguex
    • I think resin might be more in my price range, but will look into TPE thanks!Miguex

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