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  • detritus2

    Looks lik ethere might be some good on the horizon for you Yankeedoodles in terms of your dysfunctional rip-off of a 'health system'...

    Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan Link Up to Form New Health-Care Company…

    'The three companies said they plan to set up a new independent company “that is free from profit-making incentives and constraints.”'

    • “The ballooning costs of health care act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy” Buffettdetritus
    • Amazed Gates hasn't done something like this. Gotta question why massive capitalists want to get involved though. It does seem we arefadein11
    • going to see more of this while govt's don't provide basic needs to their citizens.fadein11
    • our survival is increasingly reliant on the benevolence of the tech billionaires. This is them doing politics - they've just bypassed the systemFax_Benson
    • yepfadein11
    • lol, because those companies have a great history of putting people before profitsmonospaced
    • at least this lot are relatively transparent and well-intentionedFax_Benson
    • @mono, strangely angry response? surely any positive step towards fixing your embarrassingly broken healthcare system is a positive no?fadein11
    • bottom line is there is plenty of money to go around to look after patients and providers if you remove the fucking greed from the equation.fadein11
    • I didn't say it's not positive, relax. Nothing angry about my response. I'm just remarking that those companies are renowned for their profits. Chillax.monospaced
    • Apologies for being even a bit skeptical about the "free from profit-making incentives" part, I feel like I have a good reason to be.monospaced
    • mono has a point, people should be skeptical of these mofos, those who aren't, are the problem.GuyFawkes
    • If they don't profit immensely, probably the tune of billions, I predict they'll shut down immediatelymonospaced
    • well it certainly can't get any worse can it.fadein11
    • Honestly? Yes, it can. But optimistically, I’m seeing some hope. Skeptical hope. JPmorgan healthcare. :/monospaced
    • thats the ticket monofadein11

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