Sexual Harassment of the DAY

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  • imbecile10

    • Sweetheart. Lolpango
    • lol. at least people are getting called out on there idiocy. although, you still have to be on the oppression spectrum to it successfully.Gnash
    • ah—refreshing to see an idiot called out—not just for hypocrisy but for getting nude on film for a mere $100/day—I think models@the local art schl are paid morePonyBoy
    • Claims she hasn't had an agent for 23 yrs, needs work, needs to eat, needs a career. Yet shits on her industry, w/o nudity. Now she's looking for a new career.BustySaintClaire
    • lol ... geezBennn
    • I probably get fired taking my cloth off on set. But she got paid!! Sexist industry!! Although I did get more per day to keep my cloth on.pango
    • I have to laugh at the learned bitchiness. "Sweetheart". Lol. Shit's old.cannonball1978
    • Pics!Mattjanz3n
    • ^ coming soon to CotDPeterPancake
    • James Franco class outline seems sleazy than kosher. Hiring your own students to do respectable nudity? Roles being stripper, hooker, and prostitute.omg
    • Five women accuse actor James Franco of inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior.…omg
    • Ohhh nose.pango
    • 100$ per day. Wow. I never worked with a model at such a low rate... What was her task? Hanging around naked in the background of a scene?SimonFFM
    • fuck both of these cunts. Chicks these days are literally fighting over who got abused more. hilarious.sofakingback
    • "fuck both of these cunts" ...very classy sofakingback..SlashPeckham
    • He's not wrong.set
    • What movies?monospaced
    • Dunno...I remember when Sharon Stone made $300k for Basic Instinct when what's his name made $5m, but that made her career too.formed

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